A Decade of Conservation: Rachio Celebrates 150 Billion Gallons of Water Saved with Smart Watering Solutions

Makes Commitment to Save Three Trillion Gallons of Water by 2030

Announces Earth Week Sale with 20% Off Rachio Products on Rachio.com

DENVER, April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Smart-yard innovator Rachio marks its 10-year anniversary with a major milestone: 150 billion gallons of water have been saved thanks to the Rachio community of smart waterers. Since incorporation in 2013, Rachio has brought the smart home outdoors through conservation and connectivity. Its proven smart yard technology, including the award-winning Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller and new Smart Hose Timer, allow users to effortlessly water their yards and plants from anywhere with the Rachio mobile app while saving water through advanced features like Seasonal Shift, Rain Skip, hyper-local weather forecasting, and more.

“This achievement reflects our commitment to providing the most accessible and easy-to-use tools for sustainable water use,” said Kim Sentovich, Rachio CEO. “For the past decade, we’ve been driven to innovate and empower consumers to positively impact the environment. With the launch of our new Smart Hose Timer, we’re excited to help millions more households conserve water, save money and contribute to a sustainable future. To support that future, we are announcing our goal of saving three trillion gallons of water through our smart yard products by 2030.”

To celebrate this new goal and milestone during Earth Month, Rachio is leveraging its partnership with Ecologi, an environmental organization that funds reforestation and carbon reduction for businesses, to plant a tree for every Rachio device sold on Rachio.com through the end of April. According to Ecologi, it has funded the planting of over 60 million trees worldwide. In addition, Rachio is offering an Earth Week sale with 20% off all Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controllers and Rachio Smart Hose Timers, as well as other deals, from April 16th to April 22nd on Rachio.com. Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controllers are also on sale at Amazon.com and other retailers.

Since pioneering the smart irrigation category in 2013, Rachio has remained committed to seamless and data-driven water conservation while expanding its smart yard technology offerings. Rachio’s diverse product line and category offerings include:

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller – The first, and most award-winning smart sprinkler controller helps homeowners save water and money by automating in-ground irrigation schedules based on hyper-local weather and yard-specific needs, reducing outdoor water usage by up to 50%. The Rachio 3 is controlled from your phone and replaces any existing residential sprinkler controller. Available in 4-zone, 8-zone and 16-zone options, the R3 is sold on Rachio.com, at leading retailers, and through landscaping professionals.

New Smart Hose Timer – Rachio’s newest product builds upon its flagship model to automate manual hose-watering with customizable watering programs. The system leverages local weather data and yard-specific information to simplify and automate watering. The patented, integrated flow meter ensures that watering schedules run as expected and users can program multiple watering schedules using the Smart Hose Timer. The kit comes with one hose valve and one Wi-Fi hub.

Connection through Rachio App – At the heart of Rachio products is the free Rachio app which integrates with Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, and more, enabling users to leverage the smart weather and climate data that monitors and controls their scheduled watering from anywhere. The user-friendly and customizable interface simplifies sustainable yard and plant management, empowering everyone to conserve water effortlessly.

Optimization through Partnerships – Reinforcing its water-saving products and environmental initiatives, Rachio offers product integrations including the Tempest Weather System by WeatherFlow, providing the most accurate weather-driven smart watering system. Rachio also partners with other water-saving products like Root Quencher, an underground watering device for trees and plants that eliminates evaporation from surface watering and reduces water waste by up to 50%. Partner products are available at Rachio.com.

“After 10 years as a privately-owned company, Rachio continues to manufacture and distribute top-tier IoT products that set the standard in North America,” added Sentovich. “In a world where 75% of IoT projects fail, we have found success by staying true to our mission. Our deep commitment to water conservation, environmental education, and expansion in the smart outdoor space perfectly positions us for the next 10 years of growth and to help our consumers take positive action for the planet by using smart yard technology.”

For more information on Rachio’s product line and to purchase at 20% off during Earth Week, please visit rachio.com.

About Rachio

Rachio is a mission-driven B-Corp company leveraging technology to increase sustainable water use and make yard management effortless. Pioneering the smart irrigation category since 2013, Rachio continues to lead the smart yard market with its third generation of smart irrigation Controllers and new Smart Hose Timer, intelligently delivering the right amount of water for a yard to thrive and saving homeowners – and the planet – billions of gallons of water. For more information, visit rachio.com and follow @RachioCo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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