Abe Issa, Founder & CEO of EnviroSolar, Advances Clean Energy Agenda with EV Market Entry

DENVER, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Despite his impressive background in real estate and finance, Abe Issa has achieved his greatest entrepreneurial successes in the clean energy space. EnviroSolar, the company he founded in 2016, has grown under his leadership into a premier provider of solar, smart home, and security solutions in the US market. With the launch of this business, the Lebanese-born entrepreneur put his passion and drive to work for the good of the planet, promoting sustainability and energy efficiency through innovative technologies. Over the past five years, Abe Issa has scaled clean tech companies nation-wide and employed thousands of people, but he believes humanity must move faster in order to mitigate the impact of climate change.  Driven by this conviction, he is turning his attention to electric vehicles (EVs), aiming to advance efforts in environmental preservation while also supporting job creation and economic growth.

“The reason I started EnviroSolar and want to be in the renewables industry is that through solar power and new technologies, we can make a lasting impact and pave the way to sustainability for generations to come,” says Abe Issa. “However, climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives have to extend far beyond installing solar panels on homes and office buildings or conserving water: the transformation must sweep across all spheres of life and work. In my view, the electrification of transport is critical for achieving carbon neutrality within the next few decades, and it is great to see the encouraging trends in the EV market. My plan is to contribute to this transformation in any way I can, utilizing the experience and knowledge I have accumulated in the clean energy sector. As an investor in EV charging companies, I hope to continue doing my part in creating jobs and accelerating the clean energy revolution.”

Aside from advancing the cause through EnviroSolar, Abe Issa is doing his transformative work via The Issa Foundation. The organization has been engaged in identifying non-profits that it can partner with to promote its vision for a sustainable world. One of the projects under consideration focuses on educating children about energy efficiency and sustainability. Potential partners include non-profits focused on areas such as the delivery of power to global regions that do not have energy, water conservation, green technologies, and sustainability waste.

Abe Issa is a Lebanese-born entrepreneur who has concentrated his business efforts on green energy and sustainability. After graduating from the Texas Christian University with a finance degree, he started a real estate investment company, redeveloping over 500 homes and commercial properties in Dallas, Fort Worth, and South Texas between 2005 and 2010. His desire to be proactive and drive social change along with environmental regeneration led him into the home improvement and energy efficiency industry, where he spent five years experimenting with energy retrofits. Applying the knowledge gained and drawing on his background in finance and real estate, Abe Issa launched EnviroSolar in 2016, creating a company that has received numerous accolades for its contributions to green energy and sustainability. The entrepreneur himself has been recognized through multiple awards, among them one gold and two silver Stevie Awards, EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, and CEO World Award as Environmental Sustainability Leader (CEO, Forth Worth, TX for Environmental Products and Services).

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