Adaptive Nutrients Launches Climate Product, Scientifically Proven to Remove CO2, in Victoria, BC Market

VICTORIA, BC, Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Adaptive Nutrients, today announced the launch of Climate Fixer, a scientifically proven climate-forward organic soil conditioner, that empowers communities at the individual level. The product removes CO2 from the atmosphere with a sprinkle of a powder. The product is now available in a one-kilogram shaker jar at Lifestyle Markets in Victoria, British Columbia and will be available through approved retailers across the region this fall.

Climate Fixer is made from organic volcanic rock. Its nutrient-rich composition contains optimal levels of calcium and magnesium, which allows it to react effectively with atmospheric CO2, in turn, creating dissolved inorganic carbon. These carbon ions are then removed through aquifers and end up in the ocean, where CO2 can be stored naturally for 100,000 years.

Climate Fixer is a revolutionary product that helps to regenerate depleted soil. It is safe and effective for houseplant health, vegetables, lawns, gardens, trees, and shrubs. The product provides resistance to drought, wind, frost, and insect pests while improving plant health and crop harvest.

“Climate Fixer is good for plants, good for the environment, good for people,” says Mark Kiddell, CEO and Founder of Adaptive Nutrients. “I am thrilled to launch Climate Fixer into the Victoria, BC Marketplace to give consumers a tool they can use to help fight against climate change and make a direct impact in a cost-affordable way.”

Earth’s levels of atmospheric CO2 are at their highest in over 800,000 years. This is due to highly sustained levels of dependence on fossil fuels resulting in high levels of CO2 in our atmosphere.

“Adaptive Nutrients is a family-run venture created to empower individuals now and for generations to come,” continues Kiddell. “My two daughters, Jada and Kaitlyn, are working alongside me on this venture.”

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About Adaptive Nutrients:
Adaptive Nutrients is a mission-driven company founded by Mark Kiddell in 2023. The company’s first product, Climate Fixer, is scientifically proven to remove CO2 from the atmosphere permanently. It is affordable, effective, and now available at Lifestyle Markets in Victoria, BC. It will be available through approved retailers in Victoria, BC, this fall.

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