Agora Launches Global Award #MyClimateAction in Support of UN’s ActNow Campaign

  • From Earth Day, April 22, until July 22, people all over the world are invited to showcase and share their individual actions to tackle climate change and preserve our planet by submitting a photo or a video with the hashtag #MyClimateAction
  • The top 50 most inspiring photos and videos will be shown at COP27 in Egypt and at the UN’s Headquarters in New York
  • Submissions can be made via web at and on the Agora app

BARCELONA, Spain, April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Agora, one of the world’s leading and most far-reaching digital art platforms, is supporting ActNow, the United Nations’ call for individual action on climate change, with a global initiative, showcasing people’s actions in the fight against this global challenge.

The campaign, which will run from April 22, Earth Day, until July 22, encourages individuals from across the world to send a photograph or a video with the hashtag #MyClimateAction, sharing steps they have taken to live more sustainably and help tackle the climate crisis – from innovative projects to business ideas, green solutions, or everyday habits. Agora will then choose the 50 most inspiring actions for an impactful exhibition, which will be displayed at the UN Climate Conference (COP27) in Egypt in November.

The initiative aims to show the world and, more poignantly, its leaders, how ordinary people are rising to the challenge by taking individual action and influencing change. "In an indirect yet very powerful way, we, the people, are telling our leaders and governments how to create a better world together," says Octavi Royo, founder and CEO of Agora.

Showcase and Inspire

#MyClimateAction also wishes to inspire other people, organizations, leaders, and future generations to join the movement by following some of the examples shared in the photographs or videos, or by creating new ways to protect our planet.

"We invite people to show us their climate action and inspire others. Because, when we pull together, we have much more power to influence change," says Nanette Braun, director of campaigns at the United Nations.

According to Royo, people’s best artistic creations are a powerful tool to generate social change. "We all know of songs that have transformed societies, we remember images that have changed the world, and have watched movies which have had a lifelong impact on us. Art is a magical force which can create and inspire big internal and external changes," he adds.

"Our vision of the future is to create a platform where people everywhere can participate with their creativity and talent and vote the best among people’s creations. The power of talent is our most important treasure as humankind," Royo shares. 

About Agora: 

Founded in 2016, Agora is a one of the world’s leading and most far-reaching digital art platforms bringing together artists, collectors and patrons, experts, as well as everyday art lovers. Agora, which can be accessed through its app on iOS and Android, and through web, features millions of photographs, graphic designs, music, and videos developed by people from all around the world from renowned artists to regular individuals. This impressive digital art gallery is available to enjoy, but also to purchase making it one of the largest marketplaces for art NFTs in the world.

With 3.5 million users from over 190 countries, Agora was founded by Octavi Royo with the mission to empower talent from across the world and to democratize access to such talent and their creations through its app and the Agora Awards. The Agora Awards are open to content creators from around the world who can participate in different categories ranging from topics like love, water, to climate change. After a pre-selection from Agora experts, the shortlist is put to all users who vote the final winner.

About ActNow, United Nations

ActNow is the UN campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability. It encourages individual behavior change – especially in advanced economies – to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world. The campaign also urges people everywhere to speak up and demand action from governments and businesses. Through the AWorld mobile app, users can learn more and log their actions, contributing to the global count of currently over 5.7 million actions logged.

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