AGRI Developments Awarded Global Agricultural Development Company of the Year

BANGKOK, Dec. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AGRI Developments is proud to announce that is has been awarded Global Agricultural Development Company of the Year by International Investor. The award recognizes the company’s unique and progressive developments as well as its contribution to the agricultural sector of the Philippines as a whole.

International Investor each year awards exceptional emerging companies that have made an impact on their industries and community. The awards honour their contributions towards excellence and innovation, highlighting their key achievements during the year. 

"We would like to thank the panel for recognizing us, our clients, our employees and the City of Bayawan. The award is a testament to everyone’s hard work not just this year but in all preceding years as well. Where we are today would not have been possible had it not been for the vision and ground work laid prior to the creation of our developments" stated Mr. van Egeraat, CEO of AGRI Developments.

2021 saw the introduction of AGRI Developments’ globally acclaimed Hass Avocado development as well as the expansion of its Mango operations. Its Hass Avocado development, the first of its kind in Negros Oriental and one of the first commercially focused developments across all of Asia, has the ability to change the entire economic landscape of Bayawan City. Both developments located in Bayawan City have significantly contributed to the city and improved the local agricultural sector. AGRI Developments this year also increased their collaboration with the city through the exchange of agricultural advances and working with the Tourism Office to promote its developments as an ecotourism site.

Hass Avocado Development
Hass avocados are a relatively new product in Asia but consumption is quickly growing with the region containing some of the fastest growing markets in the world. Growth across Asia over the past five years has surpassed 50% annually in certain key markets, three times faster than in Europe and five times faster than the United States, the largest consumer in the world. Hass Avocado production is currently centred in the Americas with the United States and Latin American countries such as Mexico, Pure and Chile supplying the bulk of Hass Avocados sold in Asia.

AGRI Developments aims to change the supply demand regional disparity. Its operations in the Philippines provide a key competitive advantage enabling it to supply the region at a lower cost as well as faster, due to its strategic location near key import markets. The Philippines is the only country currently capable of commercially producing Hass Avocados in Asia.

AGRI Developments
AGRI Developments is a leading private alternative asset company specializing in the agricultural industry. We seek emerging investment opportunities globally with an objective of delivering long term value in high growth developing sectors within the industry.  As world population increases, the need for more investment, productive and sustainable uses of land become more urgent.  Our mission is to build successful agricultural related businesses that deliver a positive impact.

By 2050 Earth will need to produce 70% more food to feed an additional 2.5 billion people, whilst arable land decreases. AGRI Developments in support of the world’s needs always aims to do more with less. By creating more value with less risk, by producing more crops from less land and generating more business with less of an ecological footprint.

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