Agroforestry Group to Increase its Black Thorn Durian Planting

HONG KONG, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Agroforestry Group following a review of its plantings, has announced that it will begin increasing its planting of Black Thorn durian as a result of increased demand across Malaysia and neighboring Singapore. Black Thorn durian is a relatively new Malaysian durian which has seen a spike in popularity as international travel has resumed following COVID restrictions.

Mr. Paul Martin, Agroforestry Group’s MD stated “We have seen an influx of interest directly from consumers and wholesalers interested in purchasing Black Thorn recently. Much of this demand has come from Singapore, which due to our strategic location in Johor we are perfectly positioned to capture.”

According to Malaysia’s Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry, Singaporean’s accounted for 56% of all tourist arrivals in Malaysia in the first seven months of 2022. Singapore is also the world’s second largest consumer of durian per person, following Malaysia.

Mr. Martin added, that Agroforestry Group is constantly reviewing and monitoring market developments and believes Black Thorn durian supplements its existing Musang King durian operations and business model nicely. Although Black Thorn is very expensive in Malaysia and Singapore, it is not as well known as Musang King elsewhere but Agroforestry Group expects this to change in the coming years.

Black Thorn durian was officially registered as D200 by the Department of Agriculture in Malaysia (Jabatan Pertanian) in 2015. It is slowly coming to rival Musang King in terms of taste and price regionally. It is known for its dark yellow and orange color, sweet and custardy flavor. Due to limited supply, prices for Black Thorn reach up to 25 USD/KG (100 RM/KG) within Malaysia and Singapore.

Black Thorn durian goes by a variety of names across South East Asia but it is most commonly known as Duri Hitam in Malay and Ochee in Chinese. Duri Hitam translates into “Black Thorn” in English, while Ochee translates into “Black”.

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Established in 2015, Agroforestry Group have applied their thirty years of private forestry management into the establishment and commercial development of durian and agarwood plantations, product distribution and sales. As an asset class, agriculture and forestry has expanded rapidly over the last decade due to interest from risk-averse private investors attracted by the green credentials of the industry and the long-term high returns of agroforestry. 

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