AI-Powered Methane Emissions and Recapture Calculator Launches at

A Public Service to Support the Oil & Gas Industry to Meet ESG Standards and Global Commitments at COP28 and by the White House Administration’s W.I.S.E. Initiative, Calculator Project Developed by Female Led Paxon Energy & Infrastructure

OAKLAND, Calif., April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Powered by artificial intelligence, the 9th fastest growing energy company in America, Paxon Energy & Infrastructure, has built an online methane emissions calculator to support the oil and gas industry in the worldwide march to eradicate the most noxious greenhouse gas contributions to global warming. Developed by a female environmental engineer CEO who supplies some of the nation’s largest utilities with methane recapture services that have, since 2016, prevented 830,000 tons of methane from hitting the atmosphere, the calculator lives at and is offered to the industry at no cost.

This initiative was created, in part, to support the Net-Zero Transition Charter, an accountability mobilization for the private sector created at COP28 in December 2023, and Vice President, Kamala Harris’ Women in the Sustainable Economy (W.I.S.E.) Initiative that provides over $900M to ensure that women are prepared for, and part of, the industries of the future.

The calculator uses AI to aid pipeline operators in assessing their greenhouse gas footprint and achieving ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals. It utilizes EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines to convert energy data, offering user-friendly insights. Inputs include drawdown length, pipeline diameter, pressures, efficiencies, and cycles per minute. Metrics like drawdown time and gas recovery percentage are considered. Users receive a summary of impacts, including methane recovery benefits, CO2 equivalents, and carbon credits generated.

Nooshin Behroyan says, “Methane is responsible for more than 25% of the rising climate temperature and has about 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide in the first 20 years after entering the atmosphere. About 145 billion cubic meters of gas is flared each year and approximately 2 million metric tons per year of methane is released into the atmosphere as unburned gas.  Traditionally, natural gas pipelines have flared and vented methane into the atmosphere while maintained and operated. Greentech such as a methane recapture process called ‘cross compression’ captures 99% of what would have been emitted.”

At COP28, when Ali Zaidi and Michael Regan announced EPA’s final standards to sharply reduce methane emissions from oil and gas operations and make the Global Methane Pledge for an 80% reduction, Behroyan’s company had already saved 830,000 tons of methane. She comments: “I feel fantastic to be contributing real results to a real problem, not just trading carbon credits. The utilities that use methane recapture greentech have the potential to become one of the most significant environmental stewards of our time. At a time when greenwashing is at an all-time high and only 13-24% of American energy needs are supported by renewable energy, we need to optimize our current infrastructure. Use of technology like methane recapture is game-changing and could bend the climate curve back to healthful levels while we continue to transition to a renewable energy powered future.”

About – PAXON Energy & Infrastructure – is a full-service engineering and woman-owned energy infrastructure company that provides customized pipeline integrity services, methane recapture, electric grid modernization, and vegetation management services. PAXON is on a mission to inform, renovate and technologize utility companies with intel that strengthens energy infrastructure and environmentalism into the next century. PAXON’s whose revenue has skyrocketed 22742% in only 3 years and has been noted as the 9th fastest growing company in America. PAXON is a multi-award-winning firm and WBENC-certified firm.

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