Albuquerque Public Schools Transform Drinking Water with FloWater

30 new, high-tech, low-touch FloWater Refill Stations promote student hydration and reduce plastic waste

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. , March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FloWater, the company on a mission to decentralize water purification and democratize access to pure, safe drinking water today announces a partnership with Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) to provide 30 FloWater 7x Advanced Purification Refill Stations across the district with more to come throughout the year. This initiative, which addresses APS’s need for better quality drinking water, will have a positive impact on students and staff by promoting hydration and reducing single-use plastic bottles.

FloWater Refill Stations offer a convenient solution for schools seeking to provide great-tasting, high-quality water free of contaminants commonly found in tap water like lead, glyphosates, and other chemicals. These self-sanitizing, free-standing Refill Stations are designed for simple installation and connect to any potable water line within a 100-foot range for easy replacement of existing water fountains, water coolers, and five-gallon jug dispensers. Students and staff gain access to chilled, fast-flowing water that undergoes a revitalizing process including the infusion of electrolytes, increased alkalinity, oxygenation, and trace minerals, providing a great-tasting hydration experience while eliminating up to 99.9% of contaminants, including microplastics, lead, and glyphosates.

“We are proud to add APS to our growing network of over 1,100 schools across the country,” said Rich (Raz) Razgaitis, CEO of FloWater. “With thousands of FloWater Refill Stations at schools nationwide, students have filled approximately 54 million times and counting. We’ve found students hydrate much more often and these partnerships are making waves in reducing the intake of sugary, caffeinated drinks in schools across the United States.”

“The partnership with FloWater aligns perfectly with our commitment to the well-being of our students and staff,” says Gabriella Blakey, APS’s COO. “Since implementing FloWater in our facilities, it has had a profound impact on our District community. In the morning, we have lines of people filling up water bottles for the day and talking about the water. It has become a community-building time for employees that we did not expect, and FloWater Refill Stations have made it easier for us to stay hydrated in such a dry climate.”

“At FloWater we are dedicated to the complete transformation of tap water by making hydration a fun, communal activity that students love to experience several times a day,” adds Raz. “The adoption of sustainability practices, reduced intake of caffeine and sugar, and the provision of better, cleaner, and healthier water are exemplified by districts like APS.”

New Futures, a school for parenting and pregnant students with an on-site 5-Star daycare, also expresses excitement for FloWater’s positive impact and the installation of two Refill Stations, one in the daycare. The stations have enhanced campus culture and health, providing a transformative hydration experience. This initiative represents a significant step towards promoting hydration, reducing single-use plastic bottles, and creating a cleaner, more sustainable future for the Albuquerque community.  

“New Futures School acknowledges FloWater’s revolutionary impact, extending beyond hydration to community-building and overall health,” says Principal Michelle Martinez. “The Refill Stations have had such a positive impact on our campus culture and our students and staff can’t get enough. FloWater aligns seamlessly with our commitment to student well-being, contributing to sustainability and shaping a shared, healthier future for New Futures.”

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About FloWater, a Bluewater Company
Denver-based FloWater is part of the Bluewater group, a global innovator of water purification and beverage solutions based in Stockholm, Sweden. Recognized as a World Changing Idea by Fast Company, FloWater Refill Stations are used in over 10,000 locations including Hyatt, Google, Red Bull, and Oakland Unified Schools, and have saved over 851 million single-use plastic water bottles from the environment. FloWater is known for its 7-stage Advanced Osmosis purification technology which transforms ordinary tap water into ultra-purified drinking water. This removes up to 99.9% of lead, PFAS, microplastics, glyphosates, and other contaminants while adding oxygenation, increasing alkalinity, and boosting trace minerals for great-tasting, best-in-class hydration.

Bluewater is committed to providing access to pure, healthier tap water and beverages in line with its mission to eliminate the need for single-use plastic water bottles.

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