ANELLO Photonics and Key Dollar Cab Join Forces to Revolutionize Agricultural Positioning Technology in GPS-Denied Environments

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ANELLO Photonics, the creator of the SiPhOGTM and a leading provider of cutting-edge photonics solutions for autonomous applications, and Key Dollar Cab, an original equipment manufacturer and technology integrator with deep roots in the high value crop sector, are excited to announce their strategic collaboration and partnership to bring ANELLO’s advanced optical gyroscope technology to agriculture applications focusing on enhancing positioning accuracy in orchards and other High Value Crop environments with limited GPS availability.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the agricultural industry, as it combines ANELLO’s expertise around silicon photonics, algorithms and building complete positioning solutions with Key Dollar Cab’s experience and knowledge of specialty agricultures’ unique challenges and solutions. The partnership aims to address the growing demand for more robust and accurate positioning systems in orchards where precise navigation is crucial for optimizing operations and maximizing yield.

Optical gyroscope technology offers several advantages over traditional positioning systems, including improved accuracy, reliability, and robustness in challenging Agriculture environments such as orchards with dense foliage. By integrating ANELLO’s state-of-the-art optical gyroscope technology and positioning solutions into Key Dollar Cab’s agricultural machinery and equipment, farmers will benefit from enhanced precision and efficiency in various orchard management tasks, including planting, spraying, fertilizing, and harvesting.

“We are excited to collaborate with Key Dollar Cab to bring our advanced optical gyroscope technology to the agricultural sector,” said Dr. Mario Paniccia, CEO of ANELLO Photonics. “By leveraging our photonics expertise and AI-based solutions together with Key Dollar Cab’s industry knowledge, we aim to empower farmers with innovative solutions that improve their productivity and sustainability in GPS-challenged environments.”

Commenting on the partnership, Jason Dohrmann, General Manager of Key Dollar Cab, stated, “At Key Dollar Cab, we are committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to address the evolving needs of precision agriculture. Partnering with ANELLO Photonics allows us to integrate state-of-the-art positioning technology into our agricultural equipment, providing farmers with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in orchard management.”

The collaboration between ANELLO Photonics and Key Dollar Cab underscores the importance of technological innovation in driving agricultural advancement and sustainability. By harnessing the power of ANELLO’s innovative optical gyroscope technology, farmers can overcome the challenges associated with traditional positioning systems and achieve greater precision and productivity in orchards while operating with limited GPS availability.

About ANELLO Photonics: ANELLO Photonics is a leading-edge technology company based in Santa Clara, CA. The company has developed the ANELLO SiPhOG™ – Silicon Photonics Optical Gyroscope – based on integrated photonic system-on-chip technology. ANELLO’s technology portfolio spans over 24 issued patents, over 34 pending patents, and also includes an AI-based sensor fusion engine.

About Key Dollar Cab: Key Dollar Cab is an Original Equipment Manufacturer and technology integrator with locations in Portland, OR and Modesto, CA. Founded in 1982, Key Dollar Cab has a 40+ year history offering a comprehensive range of equipment and services to specialty ag growers around the country. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges associated with the High Value Crop sector and a commitment to innovation, Key Dollar Cab is dedicated to helping growers optimize their operations and maximize yield.

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