Annihilare Introduces the AoS-Mini

LINCOLNTON, N.C., Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Two weeks ahead of one of the largest industry trade shows – ISSA North America – Annihilare is adding to its existing "AoS" on-site generation family by launching the AoS-Mini. At 1/4th the footprint of the AoS-500, the AoS-Mini produces the same products as the AoS-500 at half the flowrate.

Annihilare President/CTO, Parker Sipes explains "the team was able to drastically reduce the size of the AoS-500, enhance system reliability and maintain quality solution output to support small to medium-use customers. Our engineering team took on yet another challenge and exceeded all expectations." The design is already patent pending, and a number of beta units are already operating in the field.

"Though the AoS-500 has been and still is a great system, the scaled down AoS-Mini version will allow us to reach customers and markets where the AoS-500 was either seen as too large or simply produced too much product for their specific needs," Marty Paris CEO explained. "Dentists, restaurants, small residential and commercial cleaning contractors and many others will now be able to make their own, on-demand Green Seal® Certified disinfectant (HOCl) and cleaners (NaOH) with water, salt and electricity.  We believe that this is a groundbreaking time in our industry and our team has positioned us well with this innovation."

Annihilare will be at the ISSA Show North America in Las Vegas during the week of November 15, 2021 to publicly showcase the AoS-Mini for the first time.  Expected ship dates for the first units will be in December 2021, with a full rollout in Q1 of 2022.

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