Announcing the Publication of the First Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Equilibrium Manuscript to Define NetZeroCO2e in the Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dave White’s team research manuscript has received high marks from peer reviewers and has been published in the top-most climate change journal by impact factor. Dave White’s team includes himself, Henry Ealy Ph.D. and Katherine Martin, research assistant.

Dave White, a chemical engineer with a Master’s level study in statistics, is a founding member of Climate Change Truth, an organization dedicated to finding the answer to civilization’s most pressing problem. His organization has worked to stop the destruction of rainforests in India and Peru, recognizing the urgency of preserving photosynthesis levels. 

Dave White’s teamwork, The Essential Role of Photosynthesis in Defining Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions for Equilibrium Calculations has completed the peer review process, receiving comments such as:

  • The team explains how cap and trade policies would have zero effect on the rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide because the equilibrium point is too low. The strategy with the most positive effect on lowering atmospheric CO2 is by increasing photosynthesis.
  • There are many positive points which are useful for everyone to understand and learn from. The reviewers found the manuscript   very impressive.
  • Additional comments can be found here.

Dave White has painstakingly shown that some of today’s most popular strategies for addressing climate change do not and will not work. As his research shows, the key is to enhance photosynthesis by increasing forestation. The need for more trees and shrubs is urgent and planting needs to accelerate immediately.

Key Findings

Dave White’s team’s groundbreaking research has found that the northern hemisphere forests only consume 2.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year through photosynthesis. They also note that all the southern hemisphere forests have become oxygen sinks and carbon dioxide producers due to organic decay. The current forestation level is insufficient for the Earth’s needs. Other findings include:

Dave White’s team’s groundbreaking manuscript will alter how the world works to reduce carbon dioxide. His answer, based on extensive research, is to increase photosynthesis by planting trees and shrubs near vehicle traffic. 

The Journal of Earth Science and Climatic Change is publishing The Essential Role of Photosynthesis in Defining Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions for Equilibrium Calculations in its next issue. 

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I will present our equilibrium manuscript as a Plenary address at a Climate Change Conference in next month.

White D, Ealy H, Martin, K (2022) The Essential Role of

Photosynthesis in Defining Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions for Equilibrium Calculations. J Earth Sci Clim Change, 13: 602.

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Dave White

SOURCE Climate Change Truth Inc.