Apex, Nevada Site Acquired for Largest Western US Renewable Diesel Refinery

LAS VEGAS , June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vegas Renewable Diesel Inc. (VRD) announces acquisition of a prime site near Las Vegas for the largest renewable diesel refinery to be built in the Western United States. Permitting is presently under way. Capacity is targeted at 100 million gallons per month of renewable diesel. 

The primary feedstock to be processed by this new refinery will be used motor oil. VRD’s patented refining process is flexible, such that other petrochemical wastes, seed oils, and animal fats may be mixed all together.

The resulting fuel – which VRD terms "w2" – is fully ASTM D975 (petroleum diesel #2 standard) compliant and blendable. VRD’s w2 fuel has properties superior to petroleum based diesel #2:

  • Very low sulfur between 2 to 8ppm, depending on the feedstock
  • Very low NOx and other smog-inducing contaminants
  • Good lubrication qualities for engines
  • Good cold weather tolerance (low CFPP)
  • Burns more completely, resulting in more power and less pollution

VRD’s w2 fuel actually chemically improves the petroleum based fuel it is blended with.

VRD Founder and Inventor, Timothy D. Wetzel, has researched and experimented with renewable fuels over 30 years. After running his own fuels in his own truck for 845,000 miles, as well as testing in many more vehicles, he can confidently proclaim that, "It’s the best fuel on the planet."

VRD has spent 2021 and the first half of 2022 preparing its renewable diesel refinery in Las Vegas with a production capacity of 1 million gallons per month. Fuel deliveries throughout Clark County have already begun. To learn more about VRD, go to:


Media Contact: Timothy D. Wetzel at (310) 658-1508 or

SOURCE Vegas Renewable Diesel Inc.