Artistic Fashion Designs from Wilder Blue Planet Helping Clean Up Oceans

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Christian Johnson, a molecular marine biologist and geneticist for the J. Craig Venture Institute (JCVI) of UCSD flew to Hawaii and peered out the window to see the beautiful blue ocean. Instead, he was shocked by the sight of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – a mass of floating refuse twice the size of Texas. Upon landing, Christian immediately mentioned it to his mother, Carolyn Christian Bass, an entrepreneur, artist, and former Fortune 500 marketing and communications executive.

Christian and Carolyn share a love of wildlife, especially marine animals, and plants. Christian’s new role as a JCVI researcher has sparked new conversations between them about how plastic pollution and climate change are adversely upsetting the environment. Which led to the question – is there something more we can do? While they knew reducing consumption of plastic and recycling has a tremendous positive impact, they wanted to see if they could achieve something greater.

Carolyn set out to identify what resonated with people, particularly younger consumers, to offer them a way to get involved. She found that supporting a cause through fashion – especially unique, artistic, designs and e-commerce shopping were the trends in vogue. So, the two combined their expertise and insights and created Wilder Blue Planet to do just that.

Based in Westerville, Ohio, near Columbus, Wilder Blue Planet operates an online platform,, offering t-shirts, hoodies, hats, tote bags, and other accessories for men, women, and children, featuring designs from Carolyn’s original wildlife artwork. Wilder Blue Planet sources from suppliers that are environmentally and sustainability conscious.

“Plastic pollution is a huge issue that won’t go away until we reduce our consumption of plastic products and packaging. There are between 15 and 51 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans that harm and kill marine life, even the tiniest of creatures that produce up to 80% of the Earth’s oxygen and reduce CO2 emissions,” stated Christian Johnson, COO and Co-founder.

Carolyn Christian Bass, President and Co-founder of the organization, commented, “Fashion is a great way to express your individual style, be on trend, and voice support for a cause,” she stated. “And, since we will donate a portion of profits to organizations that protect the environment, that voice gets louder with a greater reach.”

For more, visit The website offers artistic apparel and accessories and complete information about the company’s mission, products, and philanthropic goals.

Carolyn Christian Bass

SOURCE Wilder Blue Planet