ATD Manure Systems Inc. Announce Nitrous Oxide and Struvite Reduction with Dairy Manure Management

VANCOUVER, BC, Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Federal Government’s recently announced target of a 30% reduction in fertilizer GHG emissions is a challenge that is now more clearly defined as a reduction in Nitrous Oxide, a gas 300 times more powerful than Carbon Dioxide. 

"Nitrous oxide is emitted from wastewater that contains nitrogen-based organic materials, such as those found in human or animal waste. Factors that influence the amount of nitrous oxide generated from wastewater include temperature, acidity, biochemical oxygen demand, and nitrogen concentration." Source: US GHG report March 31, 2011:,oxygen%20demand%2C%20and%20nitrogen%20concentration.

The ATD Manure Management System for Dairies removes all ‘nitrogen-based organic materials’ from manure slurries. We also eliminate the lagoon, an anaerobic engine creating Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide.  "Our objective has always been to find improvements by wringing out costs buried in a system designed to achieve least cost results.  It has been a challenge and I think we are meeting that challenge." Said Victor Van Slyke, President.

Today, ATD announces another step in the Dairy sector’s evolution of environmental husbandry: Our patent pending method to collect and convert free ammonia normally lost to volatilization to a non-volatile form reduces fertilizer purchases, improves air quality, and reduces struvite deposits.  Filing dates: USA July 27, 2022, Canada July 28, 2022

Title: "Method to Inhibit Struvite Formation"

About ATD Manure Systems Inc.

ATD Manure Systems Inc., a private company incorporated in British Columbia, designs processes that recover waste products for new uses.   

The ATD Manure Management for Dairies processes the manure daily and after solids extraction for bedding or storage, concentrates the Dissolved Solids, now fortified with non-volatile Ammonia Nitrogen by a factor of ten. Returning clean, disinfected, drinking quality water to the barns or optionally to irrigation storage using a Press, Filter, Reverse Osmosis, and minimum supervision. The latter two items containerized if necessary.

The volume recycled to the barns will result in over 50% reduction of daily freshwater demand with no loss of nutrients or create an irrigation reserve at current demand. It eliminates the traditional lagoon and its GHG potential, reduces weight, fuel, and the labor costs of applying nutrients.

Installation is simple, requires little training, and runs automatically. Licences are available. 

Contact: Victor Van Slyke, CPA (ret’d), MBA 
604-736-4474 for more information. 

SOURCE ATD Manure Systems Inc