Atlantic Project Cargo’s Agricultural Machinery Shipping Expertise Fuels Sustainable Global Food Supply Chain

World leader in international shipping solutions of heavy agriculture and construction equipment solve some of the world’s most complex shipping challenges.

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla., Jan. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In an era where efficiency and speed are paramount, Atlantic Project Cargo is the standard of innovation and reliability in the logistics and transportation industry due to its ability and track record of successfully handling complex shipping issues on a global basis. Specializing in transporting oversized agricultural and construction equipment worldwide, Atlantic Project Cargo has solidified an unrivaled position by offering bespoke, door-to-door supply chain solutions that are both effective and economically viable.

Revolutionizing Agricultural Businesses with Innovative Transportation

Atlantic Project Cargo has a crucial role in enhancing the agricultural business landscape. With a keen understanding of the unique challenges faced by the sector, such as the difficulty associated with shipping oversized farm and construction equipment, and different regulatory requirements associated with various countries, the company offers a proven track record for the safe and efficient transportation of agricultural machinery. 

Atlantic Project Cargo is a game-changer in scenarios where RORO shipping lines are overburdened and costs soar. The company offers a unique solution by transporting oversized equipment in containers and providing comprehensive disassembly and loading services. This approach ensures that machinery reaches its destination by the promised deadlines and at sustainable rates for businesses.

A Testament to Commitment: Navigating the Unprecedented

The true measure of a company’s dedication is often revealed in times of crisis. In February 2022, as the war in Ukraine began, leading to the closure of ports and numerous logistical complications such as physical threats in the Black Sea and supply chain disruptions, Atlantic Project Cargo demonstrated its unwavering commitment to its clients. Approximately 100 units of agricultural machinery critical for Ukrainian agriculture were stranded at sea. 

Swiftly responding to the urgency, Atlantic Project Cargo, in collaboration with its partners, devised an economically efficient solution that rerouted the equipment through alternative land and railway transportation. This remarkable feat was accomplished within two weeks, showcasing the company’s agility and dedication to customer service in even the most challenging circumstances.

A Vision for Sustainable and Secure Agricultural Logistics

“Atlantic Project Cargo is more than a logistics provider; we are partners in progress for the agricultural sector,” stated Maryanna Serafinas, CEO of Atlantic Project Cargo. “Our approach to transporting oversized farm and construction machinery is not just about overcoming logistical challenges; it’s about ensuring a sustainable and secure food supply chain by successfully moving high-tech and heavy farm machinery to regions around the world to increase their food production. The crisis in Ukraine was an example of our team’s ability to think creatively and resolve complex challenges to ensure our customers experience successful outcomes when shipping heavy machinery worldwide. We are committed to addressing complex heavy equipment shipping challenges.”

About Atlantic Project Cargo

With over 20 years of experience,100,000 completed projects, and a global network that ensures the fastest delivery times, Atlantic Project Cargo continues to meet and exceed customer expectations when it comes to moving heavy farm and construction equipment. The company’s dedication to transparent pricing and accurate tracking, as well as extensive expertise in handling oversized cargo, makes it a trusted partner for businesses worldwide. As Atlantic Project Cargo moves forward, it remains committed to its core values of honesty, respect, and unwavering customer service, driving the agricultural sector toward a more efficient and sustainable future by successfully moving high-tech and heavy farm machinery worldwide to all regions looking to maintain and increase food production.

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