Black Indie Filmmaker Finds Passion in Hemp and Launches His Own Company

DOYLESTOWN, Pa., March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nestled in Doylestown, PA is hemp processor, Doylestown Hemp Company, which was created to formulate, manufacture and distribute hemp products. Thomas K. Phillips (CEO of Doylestown Hemp Company) has a great deal of passion for hemp and continues to explore all avenues that this amazing plant provides from health and wellness, food, environmentally friendly plastics, biofuel and building materials.

After the release of his first featured film – “The North Star” in 2016, Thomas moved from behind the camera as a filmmaker, and spent the past three years living the life as a hemp farmer and processor.  In 2018, the passing of the Farm Bill, legalized hemp production and declassified it as a controlled substance and in turn marked Thomas’s 1st growing season as one of the first black hemp farmers and permit holders through the Dept. of Agriculture. He spent two years in the fields growing, researching and educating himself and others on the attributes and uses of hemp. In 2020, Thomas transitioned from farming in the fields to processing hemp material and launched his own company. He began to build his product line initially focusing on CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC and the main therapeutic cannabinoids found in the plant along with the hemp seed oil maximizing on the value hemp provides to our health and well-being.

DHC has an online emporium of wellness products that have been made with all natural, USDA certified organic hemp and ingredients and third party tested. Sublingual tinctures and oils, bath and body soaps and lotions, topicals (gels and salves), and even healthy and nutritious food items incorporating hemp are the varieties of products found when visiting DHC’s website Additionally, DHC is affiliated with various organizations and medical professionals whom provide an array of expertise to help you make informed decisions in your journey to overall health and wellness of your mind, body and spirit.

Focusing on quality, innovation and service, allows DHC to provide a unique blend of health and wellness products that harness powerful botanical benefits while promoting the health, wellness, and betterment of our environment. Our mission is to create, educate and explore all possibilities on hemp and all of its countless natural properties.

Doylestown Hemp Company
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