Breakthrough Genset Technology Achieves New Prime Power Efficiency Benchmarks at Half the Weight and Two-Thirds the Size, While Reducing Manufacturing Costs

  • Prime Power
  • > 98% Operating Efficiency
  • Genset weight reduced by ~50%
  • Extraordinary torque and power curves throughout the operating range
  • Reduces copper usage by ~90%
  • ~10% Reduction in the manufactured product price
  • > 33% Fuel Consumption Reduction
  • Significant reduction in operating noise and vibration

MARINA DEL REY, Calif., Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 360 Power Group today announced that it had begun the development of an ultra-high-density electric genset based on the breakthrough technologies it announced in 2022. The housed generator stator and rotor at the heart of the genset achieve efficiencies >98% and consistently high torque curves operating at lower speeds than ever seen in the industry.

360 Power Group’s generator design incorporates a modular coil, radial-axial-radial magnetic field to produce 3 fields instead of one or two. Because of its design, the generator, which will be scalable from 25kW to 10MW, will use 90% less copper than conventional gensets; will have an overall weight reduction of ~50%; reduce manufacturing costs by ~10%; and reduce fuel consumption by ~33%.

“This represents a radical innovation in electric generator technology,” said Mike Salerno, 360 Power Group’s design chief.

And because of its operating characteristics, a further benefit of these dramatic improvements over conventional gensets will be the reduction in noise and vibration. This will permit a wider- range and less expensive installations of true prime power, distributed electricity production.

To watch a demonstration of the generator manufacturing prototype, click on this link:

360 Power Group, represented by Karl Maersch of Hilco International, is currently engaged in licensing discussions with several major international manufacturing firms.

360 Power Group is the operating division of Clearwater Holdings, Ltd., a Nevada corporation.

For further information, contact CEO G. Noah Newmark,
, (310) 430-0133



360 Power Group, a division of Clearwater Technologies, LLC

SOURCE 360 Power Group