BrightAction Gamifies Sustainable Practices to Help People Take Meaningful Climate Action

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to a Yale survey, two thirds of Americans care about climate change but don’t know how to take meaningful action. BrightAction is a new climate engagement platform that makes it simple, easy, and fun to learn about climate solutions and take action. BrightAction helps users create a personal pathway to reducing their environmental impact through progress tracking, daily reminders, and collaboration with friends, family, and colleagues.

Individuals have the power to make a big difference. Forty percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions comes from 5 basic household activities: how people use electricity, how they heat their homes, how they use transportation, the foods they consume, and the waste they generate. With recent technology and market developments, we now have affordable solutions that can mitigate our impact for all 5 of these activities. By helping people build more sustainable practices around these daily activities, BrightAction hopes to cut household greenhouse gas emissions 1 Gigaton by 2030.

“People care, and when they work together in teams, magic happens,” said Lisa Altieri, BrightAction Founder and CEO. “For most people, climate change is scary and feels overwhelming, but when people learn about the solutions and how they can help, they are excited to take action. That’s why we created an engagement platform that helps everyone take charge of their own impact and build momentum toward collective climate action. Together we can do this. Climate change is an all-hands-on-deck problem, and everyone needs to take action – companies, governments and individuals.”

How the Platform Works:
The BrightAction platform provides individuals, companies, organizations, and cities with a customizable tool to drive climate solutions engagement, whether individually or with a group of friends,neighbours, employees, or organization members.

Via BrightAction’s interactive dashboard, users will be able to track their climate impact, get personalized carbon-reducing recommendations, and measure their progress towards achievable sustainability goals. Most importantly, the platform connects users with their community to share tips, swap ideas, and celebrate wins to keep it fun!

“BrightAction is the first platform I’ve seen that combines tangible climate action and behavioural psychology, fueled by the power of community organizing,” said Michael Dalrymple, Director of University Sustainability Practices at Arizona State University. “I look forward to seeing ASU bring climate solutions to scale by engaging and motivating individuals who are excited to make a difference. We’re in!”

So far, additional partners include the Cities of Fremont and San Jose, CA, the Episcopal Church, Community Climate Collaborative, Charlottesville, VA, and Hawaii Green Growth, which covers the State of Hawaii. And BrightAction is a proud partner of the global initiative, Count Us In, on a mission to engage 1 Billion people worldwide to take action.

“I love this tool because it brings people together. Too often, we feel like, ‘I’m doing something, but who else is?’ Now, we don’t have to wonder,” said Katharine Hayhoe, BrightAction Advisor and Chief Scientist at The Nature Conservancy. “With the BrightAction platform, we can team up to track our progress and encourage each other. This means we’ll finally be working together for the large-scale change we really need.”

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About BrightAction
BrightAction offers custom solutions for companies, cities, and organizations to drive climate engagement with their employees, residents, and members. Our platform uses robust analytics to help individuals track their climate impact, receive personalized carbon-reducing recommendations, and monitor their progress toward more sustainable living. Armed with accurate cost, savings, and CO2-impact numbers, users can make informed decisions about how to reduce their carbon footprint while staying connected to a motivated and like- minded community. For more information, go to:; 

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