Calyx Global Launches Subscription-Based Carbon Credit Ratings Service

Provides GHG integrity and SDG impact scores for more than 150 carbon projects

LEADVILLE, Colo., Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Calyx Global, the carbon credit ratings agency with the industry’s most rigorous and comprehensive independent ratings, today announced the availability of a subscription service allowing in-depth integrity and impact claim comparisons for more than 150 projects included on its platform.

The Calyx Ratings Service, aimed at business and investors who need to assess and differentiate carbon projects, allows clients to easily view the company’s carbon credit ratings data, which includes insights unavailable elsewhere in the market, such as information on the strength of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction claims, as well as an assessment of claimed Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) contributions for individual carbon projects.

The company’s subscription-based platform allows its clients to navigate across global projects in more than 10 categories – from renewable energy and waste to forestry and household technologies such as cookstoves. Calyx ratings provide transparent, comparable and comprehensive assessments of the underlying claims of carbon credits. Calyx Global does not buy or sell credits, as the company’s approach to ratings was designed to be unbiased, using Calyx Global’s panel of independent experts to maintain oversight over the ratings approaches.

Calyx was founded by climate change and industry experts, Donna Lee and Duncan van Bergen. Lee is a former representative and negotiator on climate issues for the US Government, and is also on the panel of experts responsible for the development of the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Markets’ (ICVCM) Core Carbon Principles (CCPs) and its accompanying Assessment Framework (AF). van Bergen previously built and led one of the larger global carbon project development businesses.

“The carbon market today suffers from a lack of transparency and rigor in assessing a credit’s true value,” said van Bergen. “We created the Calyx Global platform to help businesses better manage financial and reputational risk, and to inspire a higher standard and support a quality ‘rise to the top’.”

“Many companies are starting to participate in carbon markets in order to offset their emissions,” said Lee. “But not all credits are created equal. Our team of global experts is working hard to provide information on the quality of carbon credits to the market in order to move the industry towards more impactful climate efforts.”

Calyx is funded by philanthropic funding and venture capital investments. Some of Calyx’s current customers include: Salesforce, Meta, Dimensional, Mitsui and Climate Impact X.

About Calyx Global

Calyx Global helps businesses choose better carbon credits, with the most rigorous and comprehensive independent carbon ratings system available. The company was founded in 2021 with a mission to drive the voluntary carbon market to higher quality and impact, while offering investors a tool to manage financial and reputational risk.

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Rachel Morrison, Blue Practice

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