Carbotura’s Innovative Zero-Fill Service Centers Help Solve Global Waste Problem

Gravitas Infinitum and National Standard Enter Agreement to Scale Virtual Landfill Service Centers Diverting Waste from Landfills

NAPLES, Fla., July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gravitas Infinitum, LLC., a sustainable impact holding company, has entered into an agreement with National Standard, a U.S. based infrastructure financial and advisory firm, for the deployment of Carbotura™ Zero-Fill™ Service Centers in the United States and select international markets. The first service centers, expected to be operational in late 2023, will use Zero-Waste, Zero-Emissions technology turning waste, which would normally be discarded, into advanced materials helping to reduce dependence on landfills.     

Dubbed the world’s first "Virtual Landfill Service", Carbotura™ Zero-Fill™ solves the mounting global waste problem by turning the standard municipal and specialized solid waste collections into Recoverable Materials (RM) which are reusable and sellable products. This structure will allow Gravitas Infinitum the ability to scale multiple Carbotura™ Zero-Fill™ centers globally.

Of the two billion tons of waste produced annually, only about 20% is recycled. Of that, most is exported to developing countries which do not have sufficient infrastructure to deal with wastes in an environmentally safe or just way. Carbotura™ Zero-Fill™ Service Centers can transform between 500-10,000 tons per day of municipal solid and specialized waste into high value renewable materials resulting in 100% diversion from landfills, all while generating zero emissions or waste.

"The global waste problem is much greater than we think and the generational liability we are pushing forward is tragic. We now can eliminate landfills and divert waste directly back into the manufacturing economy. Municipalities and waste handlers have an opportunity to redirect 100% waste into recoverable materials helping close the gaps in the circular supply chain," said Allen Witters, CEO of Gravitas Infinitum. "In addition, municipal waste only represents about 10% of all waste generated. In the future, we plan to branch out to develop these Centers for processing industrial waste, and landfill mining. Everyone needs to understand that by recovering all these processed materials, we avoid further planet extraction and exposure."

In implementing its Zero-Fill™ technology, Gravitas Infinitum’s Carbotura™ division and its technology partners use a process called ‘Microwave Accelerated Pyrolysis’, which turns solid waste into sellable raw materials with a variety of uses. These products include water, renewable fuels, activated carbon, graphite, graphene, and other high value critical materials. An important highlight of the process is that, except for oxygen, it generates no excess waste or emissions as the process is otherwise self-contained. The carbon is recovered in the Zero-Fill process and stored in the end products.

About Carbotura™

Selected as the 2021 World’s Top 50 most innovative new companies out of 130+ countries, Gravitas Infinitum has multiple types of Carbotura™ Systems that along with 100% Materials Recovery can accomplish large scale high efficiency carbon capture. Carbotura™ has zero waste, closed loop systems that support circular and regenerative economies. The company integrates proven technologies that provide 100% diversion of waste, landfill mining, remediation of water, and Advanced Bio-Energy Carbon Capture and Storage (ABECCS). 

About National Standard

The National Standard family of companies is a multinational firm with a strategic focus on government and infrastructure asset classes. Since 2008, National Standard and its affiliates have expanded to thirteen regional offices and have served clients in sixty-three countries. The firm provides comprehensive set of services including investment-grade private credit debt financing, asset leasing, strategic advisory services focused on financial and infrastructure projects and, in some instances, may participate as co-developer or financial sponsor. National Standard strives to be experts in its niche sector and most importantly, the most respected firm by its borrowers and clients. To achieve this goal, its professionals deploy a simple set of fundamental ideals: build relationships focused as a strategic partner mindset versus the industry norm adversarial approach, offer unmatched financial structuring skills yielding advantageous outcomes and superior market intelligence, and research and maintain firsthand knowledge of the infrastructure and government markets across five continents.

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