Carteav, the World Leader in Low-Speed Autonomous Electric Vehicles, Announces Its First U.S. Customer and Prepares for Massive Growth

ORLANDO, Fla., May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Carteav, an innovator in low-speed autonomous electric vehicle technology, is excited to announce its first customer in the United States, after its recent launch in the country. Its first sign-up is Epperson Lagoon, a prominent gated community in Florida.

Carteav’s comprehensive solution encompasses everything from the autonomous carts themselves including proprietary cutting-edge technology, to a user-friendly mobile app that summons vehicles and gives accurate ETAs, as well as a full management dashboard.

The technology is currently operational on a daily basis with applications across resorts, golf courses, educational campuses, industrial sites, gated communities, retirement communities, and airports.

Revolutionizing Local Transport in Epperson Lagoon
Epperson Lagoon, home to 12,000 residents and featuring 4,000 homes, an expansive artificial lagoon, and a dedicated Publix, is set to enhance its transportation system with Carteav’s autonomous vehicles starting May 1st. The community plans to expand its fleet to 10 vehicles by the end of 2024.

Residents of Epperson Lagoon have expressed their admiration for the new service. Statements from community members include praises such as “phenomenal experience,” “more reliable than Tesla,” and descriptions of the service as “astonishing,” “smooth sailing,” “incredibly safe,” and “futuristic.”

Desmond Brown, CEO of Drive Where, expressed his enthusiasm about launching a new service at Epperson. “We’re excited to introduce the autonomous golf cart, which is exactly what the residents have been looking for,” he said. “It will allow people to easily travel to the Lagoon, visit friends, and eventually, receive their groceries from Publix right at their doorstep.” Desmond and his partners, who are residents of Epperson themselves, already have experience renting golf carts within the gated community and are well-acquainted with the local needs.

Desmond sees significant potential for the expansion of driverless vehicles. “Drive Where aims to promote these as a safe, ideal solution not just here, but also in resorts, gated communities, and retirement communities,” he added. “We’ve already showcased our vehicles at Saint Leo University and plan to expand to other locations soon.”

The Future of Transportation
Avinoam Barak, CEO of Carteav, shared his excitement about the launch: “This partnership with Epperson Lagoon is just the beginning. Carteav is not just about moving from point A to B; we are creating a new way of life, making transportation safer, more accessible, and far more efficient than ever before.”

See Carteav in Action
This video demonstrates the groundbreaking capabilities of Carteav’s technology in action. Highlights include:

  • Navigation through tunnels without GPS access
  • Maneuvering in traffic and making complex turns
  • Safely transporting a family of seven to the lagoon
  • Operating smoothly on golf paths, navigating around obstacles

About Carteav
Carteav is the global leader in developing low-speed autonomous electric vehicles dedicated to improving how sites handle their transportation needs. With a vision for widespread adoption, Carteav is setting new benchmarks in the mobility sector.

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