Case Study For Waste Transfer Stations

ANNAPOLIS, Md., Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This case is offered by Blake Van Leer’s company Waste To Energy of MD. Uline Arena was an historical building owned by USA Waste at the time. Van Leer’s engineering company was contracted to repurpose this facility as a compacting and transfer facility with designs to preserve it’s exterior history. This facility was utilized for over a decade.

King George County Landfill was one of the first landfills on rail built in 1996-1997. It’s located 12 miles east of Fredericksburg, Va with 400 acres permitted and 4,000 daily tonnage. The areas Served included Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia by truck. Rail service is provided from Baltimore/Annapolis, Md with Railroad serviced by CSX Transportation. "When designing King George, we wanted to include cutting edge green technology. At the time, a landfill with renewable energy designs and on rail to help lower vehicle emissions was unique." Said Blake Van Leer II who owned, developed and sold the landfill under his company Garnet. The underground pipe system pumps methane gas up through several layers which stretch across the entire landfill. The gas then goes through a complex filtration system before producing 12.5 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 12,000 average homes.

After conducting a market study for the State of Maryland, Van Leer and Garnet concluded that a transfer on rail vs truck would be the best solution for the local residents who were concerned about pricing cost and population growth. A transfer facility on rail not only saves cost, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and increases disposal capacity.

Baltimore recycle and transfer station. In 2007 Van Leer’s team was engaged to design recycling facilities with the latest technology for local waste. Through this process, they were able to recycle and offer sustainable fuel designs. Van Leer’s company Waste To Energy of MD LLC is currently working on several projects focused on greener ways to dispose of waste and is on the board of advisors to several startups in the Waste To Energy industry.

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