Climate Solutions Media Company Pique Action Raises $1 Million

New Hollywood media company focused on climate solutions is the opposite of "doomscrolling" with positive viral content on social media

LOS ANGELES, July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Climate solutions media company Pique Action today announced the close of a $1 million pre-seed fundraising round. Pique aims to change the conversation around climate by producing and distributing content that elevates solutions and drives action. The fundraise was led by the global climate venture capital firm Amasia, with participation from Baruch Future Ventures and Fairbridge Park.

Launched last October, Pique Action produces short-form videos to drive consumer behavior towards climate action. The company has already released 30 micro-documentaries profiling diverse founders and the innovative technologies they’ve developed in order to combat climate change. Topics range from cellular agriculture to carbon capture to wave energy, and feature global companies from Berkeley to Bangalore. Pique Action has amassed more than 7 million views across platforms and has more than 100,000 TikTok followers.

"We are the opposite of doomscrolling," says Pique Action founder and CEO, Kip Pastor.  "We want to change the conversation around climate to be focused on what we can do and not the doom and gloom that leaves us powerless and full of anxiety. We’re starting with short form content to reach different audiences where they watch video, and ultimately will produce multiple formats across all distribution channels."

In addition to its original content for social media, Pique Action provides production and agency services for a host of climate-focused clients, like Activate, Imagine H2O, and the Antenna Group. Films created by the new media company elevate the quality of storytelling across the climate ecosystem to help clients recruit talent, attract more funding and raise greater awareness of climate solutions.

"Changing consumer behavior at a wide scale is key to saving our planet, " said Amasia Partner John Kim. "Led by a veteran filmmaker in Kip, Pique Action is set to change this culture of climate doomism with stories about real solutions for the climate activist that lives in each of us. We are eager to bring our resources, relationships and operational knowledge to help their business create a positively profound impact on the climate crisis."

As part of a broader effort to elevate climate communications, Pique Action works with creators to develop original content and reach new audiences. The effort is headlined by the company’s work with climate scientist Alaina Wood, with a worldwide audience of over 300,000 people. In January, Pique also collaborated with Harvard C-CHANGE to release an inaugural list of Climate Creators to Watch.

The company’s new funding will be used to increase content development, including future episodes of NextNow, launch a new series highlighting climate nonprofits, and develop originals for streaming services. New talent will also be added to the growing team that includes industry veteran Hana Leshner, VP of Production & Development, and Tyler Steinhardt, VP of Business Development & Partnerships.

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