Concordia Partners with X4Impact to Launch State-by-State SDG Index

X4Impact Data to Power Social Impact Innovation Dialog at Lexington Summit, April 7-8, 2022

EDMONDS, Wash., April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — X4Impact, the market intelligence platform for social innovation, announces its collaboration with Concordia as a Global Patron Member, providing data & insights to encourage leaders from the private and public sectors to connect in support of social progress. Concordia is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to actively fostering, elevating, and sustaining cross-sector partnerships for social impact.

X4Impact was selected a key data provider for the Concordia Lexington Summit, on April 7-8, 2022, where co-founders Shelly Kurtz and Luis Salazar will launch a State-by-State Index of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the US on Thursday, April 7 at 10:20am ET during a special live session.

Each state is ranked from 1-50 based on leading indicators for each Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and the prevalence of related NGOs in each state. This first of its kind dataset is available at

X4Impact data will be used as a companion during the conference, sparking dialogue on the state of the union in the progress of key social and environmental indicators and related nonprofit organizations based in each state.

"It is hard to track progress or inform strategies without data and insights. Our interactive tool provides a state-by-state breakdown of the UN SDGs" said Luis Salazar, Co-Founder, X4Impact. "It is our hope that government and nonprofit leaders will use our data along with their counterparts in the private sector to come together to effectively deploy resources to achieve clear goals."

The 2022 Concordia Lexington Summit convenes a variety of voices across the political spectrum and across sectors to advance civil discourse and understanding between the different socioeconomic worlds present in the U.S. The 2 day conference features cross-cutting issues presented through the lens of the UN SDGs:

  • The Journey to Net Zero
  • The Lifecycle of Food Waste: Aiming at a Zero Waste Future
  • Building Businesses of Purpose
  • Strong Community, Safe Roads
  • Agriculture Technology & Food Security
  • Fixing America’s Black Maternal Health Crisis
  • Educational Pipelines in the Heartland
  • America’s Infrastrucure

"The SDG Index will provide state policy makers, as well as companies, non-profits, and foundations focused on local impact, a tool to better design and scale solutions that work best for the communities they’re working in — Concordia is excited to support collaboration in the United States towards the SDGs," Hanne Dalmut, Senior Director of Partnerships, Concordia.

Registration is available to attend the Lexington Summit, April 7-8. Digital registration is free. Social media updates will be shared throughout the event with the hashtag #Concordia22.

X4Impact’s interactive SDG Index analyzes over 800 million data points. It provides insights on over $2.9 Trillion in annual income reported by tax-exempt organizations that work on issues related to one or many UN SDGs.

To honor the collaboration with Concordia, X4Impact is providing a special discount to premium products and services for Concordia members and Lexington Summit attendees. Use code "CONCORDIA22" to receive 25% off any data tool or advisory services including the Nonprofit & Tech for Good Compensation Report.

X4Impact offers dozens of free interactive reports, including one for each of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The X4Impact dataset also supports comprehensive landscape reports, informing the social strategies of Fortune 500 companies, powering web applications as well as go-to-market plans of social enterprises across the US.

About X4Impact
X4Impact, Inc. is an online market intelligence platform for social innovation with insights to create and scale technology for the public interest. In less than a year, X4Impact became the largest online marketplace for Tech for Good Solutions and the leading intelligence platform for the nonprofit sector in the US. It aims to become the "Gartner for Social Impact," providing data and insights to raise awareness of opportunity areas and the social landscape in the US. Our technology processes billions of social impact data points to help nonprofits, social innovators, academia, and investors build the social impact organizations of tomorrow. To learn more, visit and follow us at

About Concordia
Concordia is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that builds meaningful partnerships for positive social impact. As equal parts convener, campaigner, and idea incubator, Concordia is actively fostering cross-sector collaboration to create a more prosperous and sustainable future. Concordia was founded in 2011 by Matthew A. Swift and Nicholas M. Logothetis.

Media Contact:
Shelly Kurtz, Co-Founder & CMO, X4Impact

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