Creators of the Flow Hive Launch the “Billions of Blossoms” Project, Pledging to Plant More than One Million Trees in Partnership with Global Reforestation Efforts

LOS ANGELES, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Flow, the makers of the revolutionary Flow Hive honey harvesting system, has announced its latest project to help repopulate the global beneficial pollinator population (which includes bees, butterflies, and other insects). The Billions of Blossoms project has partnered with six global reforestation and conservation organizations to re-establish healthy forests and protect at-risk habitats. In the U.S. Flow has selected One Tree Planted, an organization which works with the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. State Forest and Conservation District, to plant trees in California, Florida and Oregon.

Bees and other beneficial insects are vital to the global ecosystem, pollinating up to 87% of the world’s most utilized crops. Increased pesticide use, deforestation, and urban sprawl have contributed to their decline in recent years, leading many to worry that the Earth is at the start of another mass extinction period. Through the Billions of Blossoms project, Flow hopes to stop and even reverse this trend. New flowers offer opportunities for reforestation, habitat protection, and agricultural reform.

"As we face climate, pollution and extinction crises, with insect populations and overall biodiversity in drastic decline – committing to the regeneration of the natural world has never been more important," said Cedar Anderson, Flow Hive co-inventor and CEO.  "Flow is delighted to be partnering with some of the world’s best reforestation and conservation projects, to help create a bright future for pollinators, people, and the planet."

Billions of Blossoms is funded by Flow’s online education initiative, To date, they have raised more than $325,000 focusing its efforts on bee-friendly farming and conservation projects. Flow is partnering with globally recognized and respected reforestation organizations:

Billions of Blossoms is partnered with reputable organizations all over the world including Eden Reforestation Projects [Africa]; One Tree Planted [Australia, USA, Indonesia, NZ]; World Land Trust [Latin America]; YAKUM [Ecuador]; Hometree [Ireland]; and ReForest Now [Australia].

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Flow are the creators of the Flow Hive, a revolutionary way to extract honey straight from the hive. The product has been hailed as the most important advancement in beekeeping and honey extraction in nearly two centuries. Launched in 2015 by father and son duo Stuart & Cedar Anderson, Flow is now an award-winning certified B Corporation. The company has shipped more than 100,000 hives globally and seeks to educate the general public on the benefits of beekeeping and the importance of supporting pollinators worldwide.

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