Data Center with Passive Direct Liquid Cooling Will Utilize a Heat Reuse Scheme to Warm Up a City in Poland

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MTEC “Termal” a utility operator, ACX Technologies, a data center integrator and Neurok Thermocon, a leading provider of passive direct liquid cooling (PDLC) products for data centers signed a tentative agreement to create a data center in Poland which utilize heat reuse to warm up a city of Lubin, Poland.

The planned data center will be built using 350kW Modular Data Centers with PDLC developed by Neurok Thermocon Inc. These MDC have industry standard size with up to 1008 OCP servers placed within 12 racks and include easy to implement heat reuse schemes. First 2MW phase of the project will use 6 MDC and the second 20MW phase will add another 54 to them.

“This data center project lays within our long-term plan to build a green energy ecosystem around Lubin – says Adam Siwek, a CEO of MTEC “Termal” – with a successful implementation we believe that this experience can be replicated in some other municipalities in Poland.”

Passive Direct Liquid Cooling appeared recently on the crossroad of multiple trends in the data center industry. The growing power of chips and servers requires a transition from air cooling to liquid cooling, but ecological limits and data centers practice need a simple solution with minimal energy and water spending. Loop Heat Pipes based PDLC enables sustainable data center growth and maintains an ability of heat reuse with minimal efforts. 

“We believe that our Green Loop Cooling line of products is the way to change data center cooling paradigm from wasting energy and water to being a green source of heat – said Vadim Asadov, Neurok Thermocon Inc., CEO – data canter growth is inevitable, but we hope to help them to grow in the harmony with our planet.”

MTEC “Termal” established in 2001 in Lubin, Poland ( Company develops a green energy and water efficient ecosystem in South-Western area of Poland.

ACX Technologies Inc. established in 1997 with offices in Melbourne Fl and New York City ( purveyors of the innovative Crystal Palace Edge Data Centers with integrated hydroponic vertical farms utilizing PDLC for heat reuse.

Neurok Thermocon Inc is a Delaware corporation, established in 2021 with an office in San Diego, California ( Neurok Thermocon Inc. provides Passive Direct Liquid Cooling (PDLC) systems for data centers all over the world under the brand Green Loop Cooling.

PR contact:
Vadim Asadov

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SOURCE Neurok Thermocon Inc.