Denton Vacuum Receives Phoenix Order for Green Energy

MOORESTOWN, N.J., Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Denton Vacuum LLC, a leading provider of thin film deposition and etch systems, announced its recent order for the highly acclaimed Phoenix system, designed for high-volume manufacturing of large area substrates used for green energy, display and semiconductor applications.  The order comes from a well-known renewable energy company looking to advance the sustainable energy sector using thin film magnetron sputtering technology.

The Phoenix system is recognized for its cutting-edge technology and superior performance in depositing thin films with exceptional precision, uniformity and repeatability at high production volumes. These critical features align perfectly with the green energy application’s requirements, allowing for the production of advanced, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

Additionally, the Phoenix system’s versatility extends to Denton’s revolutionary PIB-CVD (Plasma Ion Beam – Chemical Vapor Deposition) applications. PIB-CVD is a groundbreaking technology that allows for the deposition of high-quality thin films with unique functional properties, making it ideal for applications in consumer displays, optics and semiconductors.

“We are excited to be chosen by this prominent renewable energy company to provide our high-volume production Phoenix system to drive down costs of green energy applications,” said Dr. David Douglass, VP Marketing and Technology at Denton Vacuum. “Our commitment to driving sustainable solutions aligns perfectly with the objectives of our customers in supporting the renewable energy sector.”

Frank Cumbo, President and CEO of Denton Vacuum, added that “the confidential green energy application, combined with the exploration of PIB-CVD technology, highlights Denton Vacuum’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability. By collaborating with industry leaders in green energy, consumer display and semiconductor research, the company aims to make a significant impact on global environmental challenges and technological advancements such as sensors on displays.”

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