Dig Deep with NuvoH2O

Fighting water poverty close to home by donating to DigDeep and the Navajo Water Project

CLEARFIELD, Utah, March 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NuvoH2O is proud to announce our partnership this month with DigDeep, a diverse organization united by a belief in the human right to water. They work to solve the water crisis happening here in America, an often overlooked section of those suffering from a lack of running water in their homes. DigDeep’s work is critical to over 2 million Americans who live without the sinks, bathtubs, or toilets that many of us take for granted. As a company committed to providing eco-friendly soft water solutions, NuvoH2O is proud to work with DigDeep in honor of World Water Day 2022.

NuvoH2O is announcing that any new whole-home system sales paired with their auto-ship program from March 8th to March 22nd will be donated to DigDeep’s Navaho Water Project. Click here for more details. This project focuses on providing water to the Navajo Nation, where 30%-40% of residents don’t have running water in their homes.

NuvoH2O’s ultimate goal of this project is to bring awareness to the water crisis in America. Most of us are unaware that more than 2 million Americans across the country have little to no access to running water. We believe that access to clean, potable water is a human right, and we hope that everyone will consider how their life would be different if they had to get all the water they use every day from a jug or bottle

"If we can help change or improve at least one person’s life, we have succeeded. If we can help open people’s eyes, including our own employees, to the water poverty issue right here in our own country, we have succeeded. We believe that small steps can become big changes." – Eshelle Rodriquez, NuvoH2O Impact Manager

The NuvoH2O corporate office is just 8 hours north of the Navajo Nation, and we feel a strong motivation to honor them as we lead into World Water Day on March 22nd. Either through our eco-friendly water softening technology or our charitable work both at home and abroad, NuvoH2O is committed to providing access to the best quality water possible for everyone we can.

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