Dynamic Water Technologies Exec Joins Locally Grown AZ Podcast Urging Water-Saving Actions

PHOENIX, Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — During a candid interview with host Regina Revazova on the Locally Grown in Arizona podcast, Dynamic Water Technologies COO Michael Boyko tells listeners businesses must step up immediately and respond to a growing global shortage of water.

“Nearly one third of the world’s population currently is without drinking water,” Boyko notes in a portion of the segment now available for streaming. “Not only is water scarce globally, it’s exceptionally scarce in Arizona.”

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Throughout the podcast, Boyko shares his vision of proactive business owners using innovative techniques to improve sustainability.

“Bringing in experts like Mike to discuss meaningful topics is what drives our content on Locally Grown in Arizona,” Revazova says. “We shed light on the successes and challenges facing our community, such as the ongoing drought conditions in Arizona and the Southwest.”

Boyko, a founder of Tempe-based Dynamic Water Technologies, is a Phoenix native, attending Camelback High School and Arizona State University. He has spent 30 years of his career seeking out technologies that generate sustainability.

He explains how DWT uses electrolysis to treat industrial water — such as that used in cooling towers for large malls, medical centers, and industrial complexes – so it can be used for additional cycles without the need for potentially harmful chemicals.

“We are focusing on larger commercial and industrial sites because we believe we can have the greatest benefit, the greatest good because of their total water consumption,” he said.

Millions of gallons of potable drinking water are used in the cooling, he said, so reducing the water usage allows that water to be used elsewhere – such as for drinking.

He observes that large corporations are beginning to buy up water rights around the world, anticipating a growing demand for the resource.

“We need to plan for it, and we need to be better stewards (of water),” Boyko said. “There are going to be times of plenty and there are going to be times of scarcity, and this is a time of scarcity.”

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Dynamic Water Technologies is a Tempe, Ariz.-based company providing electrochemical treatment of process water allowing facilities to use water two to six more cycles than traditional chemical-based approaches. Clients include NASA, Roche Molecular Systems, Los Angeles City Hall, Banner Health, Transwestern and Gilead Sciences, Inc. Contact Dynamic Water Technologies at 
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