Endangered Tigers Organization Launched by a Grandfather on a Mission

Founder James Moretti to Donate Proceeds to Conservation Efforts to Help Future Generations Enjoy These Majestic Creatures

BLACKWOOD, N.J., March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A grandfather on a mission to ensure his granddaughters don’t inherit a world void of tigers has launched Project Endangered Tigers, an organization that is spreading awareness of the rapidly declining tiger population and raising funds to protect them in the wild. The Project features two unique digital tiger products that aim to keep these majestic creatures at the forefront of minds, with a portion of proceeds going to the WildCats Conservation Alliance in the United Kingdom.

"The number of tigers remaining in the wild is alarming, with some tiger species already extinct and others dangerously close," said Project Endangered Tigers Founder James Moretti. "We’re heading in the direction of the Bengal tiger being the only tiger species left, and the Bengal tiger is also listed as endangered. Would our world be okay with having just one species of bird remaining? It’s simply not good enough. Our next generation deserves better."

Endangered tigers face imminent extinction, with approximately 3,900 remaining worldwide. Three tiger species are already extinct – the Bali, Caspian and Javan tigers. The most significant risk to endangered tigers is habitat loss through logging, human encroachment, resource extraction and land converted for agriculture. Poaching is also a major contributor, with tigers illegally traded for their bones, skin, and other body parts.

Project Endangered Tigers features a Windows "Save Tigers" screensaver and Android Live Wallpaper app, featuring stunning HD images of tigers in their natural habitat that bring both screens to life. Available for a bundled price of $17.95, the Android app contains 10 HD tiger images, tiger video wallpaper, the option to add your own images, and settings to create the perfect tiger wallpaper or background on your Android phone. The iPhone app version will be available soon.

The Windows screensaver displays 25 HD images with the option to add your own music soundtrack. Proceeds benefitting the UK’s WildCats Conservation Alliance will help fund the organization’s carefully selected wild tiger conservation projects.

Additional information about Project Endangered Tigers, including access to download the app and screensaver, is available online at https://endangeredtigers.org. The website also includes access to the organization’s merchandise line, with 20 percent of merchandise sales proceeds going to the WildCats Conservation Alliance.

Project Endangered Tigers can be followed on:

Facebook at Project Endangered Tigers, Twitter @ProjectTigers, Instagram @projectendangeredtigers, Pinterest @EndangeredTigers, and Quora at https://projectendangeredtigerssspace.quora.com.

About Project Endangered Tigers
Founded by grandfather James Moretti, Project Endangered Tigers supports a global effort to help save the remaining species of tigers from extinction, ensuring his granddaughters and their generation can enjoy these majestic creatures. Through a stunning HD digital experience and merchandise line, Project Endangered Tigers is raising funds and sharing a portion of its proceeds with UK-based WildCats Conservation Alliance. The organization’s website also serves as an informational resource for tiger conservation.

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James Moretti, Founder


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