Enrichment Systems Announces Collaboration with Florep and Caliplant Agro

BOULDER, Colo., July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Enrichment Systems LLC, a pioneer in nanobubble oxygen systems directed to indoor and greenhouse agriculture, announced that it has entered into a Collaboration Agreement with Florep, a California limited company, and its partner Caliplant Agro Group S.L., a Spain limited company, to research the benefits of dissolved gasses on the health and productivity of professional vegetable and fruit production, together with marketing and selling Enrichment Systems’ Dissolved Oxygen Systems worldwide.

Florep is a United States-based sales, marketing, and consulting organization that identifies and develops emerging agriculture technologies in the United States that are positioned for worldwide distribution. Caliplant Agro Group is a leading European genetics, plant stock, and horticultural & agricultural consulting firm that introduces cutting-edge plant stock, technologies, and cultivation techniques to large horticultural & agricultural producers in Europe and globally. 

"We are very excited about this new relationship with Enrichment Systems," says Marc Englert, Managing Director of Florep. "We have been aware of the benefits of dissolved oxygen on plant health and growth for some time," says Juan Luis Jimenez-Martinez, Caliplant CEO and Co-Founder. "There have been technical obstacles to delivering dissolved oxygen at sufficient levels in a cost-effective manner. We are very encouraged by the Enrichment Systems Dissolved Oxygen System, and we are eager to learn more. If this product operates in the manner we believe, it is a true game-changer."

"Florep and Caliplant are best-of-breed agricultural professionals and consultants," says Rex O’Neal, Enrichment Systems’ CEO. "They have identified and promoted new classes of products, such as coco coir, that have become standards in worldwide agriculture. We are very flattered to join the Florep and Caliplant team to promote the benefits of increased dissolved oxygen in the professional vegetable and fruit markets globally."

Under the terms of the Collaboration Agreement, Florep, Caliplant, and Enrichment Systems will first complete studies to determine optimal oxygen levels for certain target vegetable crops. They will then optimize the design, manufacturing, and customer support of Enrichment Systems’ dissolved oxygen systems for the large-scale greenhouse and indoor cultivation markets. Florep and Caliplant will then introduce this system to their global distribution network. The target is to introduce the most efficient, most reliable, and most cost-effective, dissolved oxygen system available in the world.

Enrichment Systems LLC is a leading provider of nanobubble oxygen systems to the agriculture market globally. Enrichment Systems’ patented P-150 Dissolved Oxygen System is the most cost-effective solution available to increase dissolved oxygen by 500-600%. Enrichment Systems customers report dramatically increased plant health and growth. For more information about Enrichment Systems or its P-150 Dissolved Oxygen System, please visit www.enrichmentsystems.com.

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