Ethiopia and the Netherlands Endorse the Launch of a Groundbreaking Private Sector Water Management Initiative by Nedamco Africa to Improve Water Needs for Over 10 Million People

NEW YORK, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On March 23, 2023, the Governments of Ethiopia and the Netherlands announced their endorsement of Nedamco Africa’s ground-breaking initiative to improve water management for over ten million people in the metropolitan area of Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian SDG6 Water Management initiative aims to reduce non-revenue water, increase water quality, and improve access to water by leveraging digital technology. The solution will measure, report, and verify the outcomes of water management using digital twins in a fully digital and transparent manner. This project is a collaboration between the Ethiopian local and federal government, Microsoft, Bentley Systems, VEI, and is endorsed by the Dutch Government. The initiative has the potential to be rolled out to over nineteen other countries in fifty-five cities, improving the water needs of half a billion people.

African cities are grappling with a plethora of water-related challenges due to climate disruption. The lack of infrastructure and investment is one of the main obstacles, resulting in restricted access to clean and safe water for many people. In addition, water pollution and contamination are prevalent, especially in informal settlements where residents have limited means of obtaining clean water. Furthermore, climate change and rising water demand are putting additional pressure on already scarce water resources, compounding the existing water challenges in African cities. These challenges must be addressed with innovative and sustainable solutions that improve access to safe water and ensure the long-term sustainability of water resources.

The SDG6 Water Management initiative will ensure that partnerships between governments, businesses, and civil society are forged, leading to sustainable and equitable use of water that benefits all. By leveraging digital twin technology, the initiative has the potential to significantly enhance water management in Africa, leading to better outcomes for communities in need. Digital twins can be used to analyse, monitor, and optimize water usage and distribution in real-time. This can lead to more efficient and effective management of water resources, reducing waste and improving water security. Digital twin technology can also help detect and prevent water leaks and other issues, thereby enhancing the access to clean water for communities, which is especially critical in areas with water scarcity.

Nedamco Africa is a driving force for impact investments that contribute to creating a better world for everyone. Their investment strategy prioritizes the measurement of impact over financial returns, emphasizing sustainable solutions that benefit the environment and communities in Africa. In water management, Nedamco Africa is working to improve access to safe drinking water, reduce water waste, and promote water conservation. By committing to sustainable solutions that prioritize positive impact, Nedamco Africa is creating a better future for Africa and the world.

This initiative is a call to action for Africans to join in cooperation and integration to transform the lives of citizens who suffer from a lack of clean water. By synergizing the vision and mission of committed and robust partners, leveraging the latest digital technologies available for water management at scale, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to transform the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people in Africa.

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