Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA, Announces Deal with Brazilian Civil Construction, Developments and Enterprises Company, ADM ENGENHARIA., for Expansion in the Booming Agribusiness Sector

Partnership Provides Long Term Financing to Adm Engenharia to increase their processing and production capacity to meet the continuous growth in demand in new materials and technologies for the Agribusiness Sector.

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, ETHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT INC USA, announced a new long-term financing partnership with Adm Engenharia, Brazil. Ethos has committed to providing significant capital infusion that will continue for several years.

Carlos Santos, CEO of Ethos Asset Management Inc, stated, 

“We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with such a prestigious company in Brazil. Adm Engenharia stands out in the civil construction, developments and investments sector, where it has vast knowledge, experience and know-how, which is reflected in a large technical collection of works carried out and its vast network of customers and large partners. The great boom in the agribusiness sector has forced everyone involved to increase their processing and production capacity to meet the continuous growth in demand and in the productivity obtained through new materials and technologies. We were so inspired by the dynamic CEO, Mr. Ademar Malacarne, and the longstanding achievements of the company that we decided to invest in the project without reservation. Ethos is very pleased to continue with our investment drive in Brazil.”

Mr. Ademar Malacarne, CEO, Adm Engenharia, stated,

“We deeply appreciate the trust that ETHOS has placed in our company and in our projects, we are certain that we will have great results, after all we closed a partnership with very attractive rates. We also thank everyone involved in the process and we were very pleased with the seriousness, agility and clarity of information, from the initial stage, advised by Bridge Capital Partners, to the final stage where we dealt directly with Ethos through Ms. Mayra Fonseca Couto and CEO Carlos Santos, who attended us with great professionalism and attention.”

Mayra Fonseca Couto, Chief Operating Officer, Ethos, South America, stated,

“ADM Engenharia’s extensive technical experience in the execution of large construction projects and the increasing demand for animal protein production, where the poultry segment has been showing strong growth, were the decisive factors for ADM Engenharia to diversify its business in an expanding market. Ethos has a unique and innovative investment model, and we are pleased to invest and be partners in another project that also brings innovation by combining two important segments that drive the Brazilian economy, civil construction and agribusiness.”

Alexandre Caldas, Ethos Associate, South America, stated, 

“It is an honor to have ADM Engenharia as an Ethos partner. The way in which CEO Ademar Malacarne manages the company’s core business has had very positive impacts on the continuous generation of new jobs, exemplary sustainability policies and social improvement in the surroundings of its operational bases. This new project aimed at agribusiness is proof of the versatility and diversified business vision they are developing.”

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Ethos Asset Management (Ethos) is an independent, US-based company with global reach in resource mobilization and project financing. 

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About Adm Engenharia:

ADM Engenharia is celebrating 20 years of its foundation in 2022. Throughout these years, our history was built over solid work, dedication and innovation, around people and partnerships of quality. We operate in the segment of industrial constructions and enterprises. We started with small projects and became a reference in agribusiness constructions. Our focus is delivering results to our clients and meeting the established deadlines, through agility in decision-making. Our goal is to exceed delivery deadlines, guaranteeing extraordinary results.

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