Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA, Announces Deal with Brazilian Poultry Company, GÁVEA COMÉRCIO, to Expand Operations and Produce 11 Million Fertile Eggs per Year Within an ESG Framework

Partnership Provides Long Term Financing to Gávea Comércio to increase their processing and production capacity to meet the continuous growth in demand with two Growing units with housing capacity for 75,000 birds for each unit with cycles of 180 days.

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — (Today), ETHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT INC USA, announced a new long-term financing partnership with Gávea Comércio, from Santa Catarina, Brazil. Ethos has committed to providing significant capital infusion that will continue for several years.

Carlos Santos, CEO of Ethos Asset Management Inc, stated, 

“This is an exceptional project that meets many investment and ESG criteria. The project’s   concept   is   based   on   self-sustainability, meeting   national   and international technical needs and standards, especially those recommended by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA), as well as following the 5 Principles of animal welfare. We were very impressed and inspired by the founders, two brothers, Anélio Thomazzoni and Gabriel A. Thomazzoni. Together they have grown the company from humble beginnings in 1990 to the present day, with approximately 6,000 square meters of headquarters space, providing more than 34,000 items, comprising of a team of 20 employees, and a portfolio of approximately 5,300 customers, including 30 resellers of inputs as well as multinationals such as BRF Foods, Kemin and Frigorífico Aurora. Ethos is delighted to continue our investment drive in Brazil.”

Anélio Thomazzoni and Gabriel A. Thomazzoni, Founders, Gávea Comércio, stated,


“I am very happy to meet Ethos and I want to thank the CEO Mr. Carlos Santos and the whole team for the opportunity. I also thank the associate Eduardo Pereira and the team at Ferraz & Gosch Advogados by the consultancy. The conditions offered by Ethos are almost like a subsidized credit, considering the operational cost in Brazil. I congratulate Ethos for believing in Brazil and in our project, which will bring economic consequences to the entire Western Region of Santa Catarina

Mayra Fonseca Couto, Chief Operating Officer, Ethos, South America, stated, 

“Gávea’s Project will meet a growing demand from the domestic and the international market, respect the environment, and bring social development to the region, generating hundreds of direct and indirect jobs. We are very pleased to be partners of a solid company, with more than 30 years of experience, and to finance another project in the agribusiness sector that is growing and contributes significantly to the Brazilian economy.”

Eduardo Pereira (from ROSEBUD), Ethos Associate, South America (partnered by Ferraz & Gosch Advogados), stated, 

“This is in fact new investment capacity in the poultry sector which is one of the most dynamic on the Agri business, and this is just Phase 1 on Gavea’s expansion. Phase 2 is coming soon for the next jump.  Furthermore, we are joyful to share with Gavea the common ground reaching new value generation on future business challenges through new sustainable practices and decarbonization”.

About Ethos Asset Management Inc:

Ethos Asset Management (Ethos) is an independent, US-based company with global reach in resource mobilization and project financing. 

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About Gávea Comércio:

Gávea Materiais de Construção e Agropecuária LTDA is a healthy and solid company, with more than 30 years in the market. With a complete store in the area of agriculture and construction materials, providing more than 34,000 items and a portfolio of approximately 5,300 customers. In addition, Gávea has two other investments, in Swine Farms and Power Generation”.


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