Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA Announces Deal with Homeland Conservation Alliance, with a Philanthropic Financing Facility (PFF) Agreement to Finance Programs Aligned with Conserving the Colorado River Basin and Surrounding Areas

Partnership Provides Long Term Financing to Homeland Conservation Alliance to promote and manage water conservation, including water quality and sustainability, which is having a critical impact on the Colorado River Watershed and is one of the more highly discussed problems at US federal level.

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ETHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT INC USA, announced a new long-term financing partnership with Homeland Conservation Alliance. The Colorado River and its tributaries provide water to nearly 40 million people, both inside and outside of the basin, and irrigates nearly 5.5 million acres of agricultural lands. This river system is critical to the ecological quality in North America. Ethos has committed to providing significant capital infusion that will continue for several years.

Carlos Santos, CEO of Ethos Asset Management Inc, stated, 

"We’re absolutely delighted to partner with Homeland Conservation Alliance for such an important and critical environmental project under our Philanthropic Financing Facility (PFF). Landscape Scale Conservation and River Restoration, includes narrowing the river channel and restoring it to a more native design that mimics its condition prior to adverse environmental and anthropogenic activities.

These practices allow for maximum water to remain in the channel for beneficial use downstream. Addition of bridges to replace low water crossings will eliminate the accelerated erosion in areas of high recreational use. The leadership team, led by Brice Reid, President and Bo Stocks, Vice President, demonstrated to us their passion, ability and determination to deliver the best quality water conservation management for the Colorado River. We thank Kristen Stocks, Project Consultant for Homeland Conservation Alliance, for her support to Ethos and Homeland Conservation Alliance for making the onboarding and evaluation process simple and efficient. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Homeland Conservation Alliance and working with the whole team!"

Brice Reid, President, Homeland Conservation Alliance stated,

"We are very honored to partner with Carlos and his team to be able to accomplish this much needed preservation and restoration work. Our team has over 100 years’ combined experience with river restoration, habitat improvement, and environmental stewardship and is very excited to work on this high impact project with Ethos. While on the permitting site visit, the representatives from the DEQ and Army Corps of Engineers expressed their excitement about this project and discussed many long-term benefits to the region and the drought-plagued Colorado River System that serves as a water supply for over 40 million people."

Laura Nixon, Partner, Attributed Holdings International and Ethos USA Associate, stated,

"AHI is thrilled to be a part of this long-lasting, high-impact partnership with Mr. Carlos Santos and the entire Ethos team that promises to support both ecological and economic needs of millions of people. One of the more highly discussed problems at the federal level, Ethos’ commitment to water conservation, including water quality and sustainability, will have a critical impact on the Colorado River Watershed. This effort along with other ongoing efforts by others will help to provide a more sustainable water conservation program for generations to come."

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Homeland Conservation Alliance was started in 2021 and is comprised of a group of like-minded, environmentally conscious individuals.  We are committed to repairing and installing areas of wetland habitat, restoring riparian areas affected by flooding events, and repairing areas of increased sedimentation to create a better river stream and water supply for all.

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