Ethos Connected™ Unveils Advanced Sensor Production Facility, Marking its Unwavering Commitment to Sustaining Agriculture and Rural Communities

Nebraska-Based Company Secures Water Resources and Agriculture with American-Made Technology

LINCOLN, Neb., Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ethos Connected, a trailblazer in water conservation and sustainable agriculture technology, proudly announces the inauguration of its state-of-the-art sensor production facility. Located strategically in Lincoln, Nebraska, this facility embodies Ethos Connected‘s commitment to conserving natural resources, protecting rural communities, and securing American agriculture.

“Ethos Connected is an industry leader in water management, critical infrastructure and full value agriculture. We have demonstrated the undeniable value our turn-key solutions provide our partners and the communities they serve,” said Julie Bushell, CEO and Founder of Ethos Connected. “This investment underscores our guiding principles: protect natural resources, safeguard American agriculture and support rural communities. Our new PCB production and manufacturing facility allows us to deliver just that.”

Since launching its comprehensive turnkey solutions just a year ago, Ethos Connected has transformed water management with over 25,000 acre-feet of water conserved in just one irrigation season, launched full-value agriculture that deliver premiums to producers for their sustainable practices and invested in over 70 rural communities across the United States.

The launch of the manufacturing facility doesn’t just revolutionize agriculture, water management and critical infrastructure but the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, as a whole. Ethos Connected’s vertical integration enhances comprehensive quality control, protects against foreign adversaries and builds resiliency in its supply chain, proving its market leadership in a fragmented ecosystem.

“The innovation and investment in vertical integration brought forth by Ethos Connected contributes significantly to our state’s growth and prosperity, marking a remarkable accomplishment towards securing our water and agriculture industry for the next seven generations” said Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen. “By connecting the State of Nebraska, measuring progress, implementing real-time water management, and capturing on-farm practices, Ethos has expedited our path to full value agriculture.”

With the inauguration of their production line, Ethos once again proves the commitment to their namesake, earning trust through action.

Specializing in transformative connectivity solutions, advanced sensor technology, and innovative software, Ethos Connected caters to the needs of farmers, water districts, and rural communities. Our mission is clear—to provide indispensable tools for informed decision-making and sustainable outcomes in agriculture, critical infrastructure and water resource management.

At the heart of our commitment to transparency and traceability is the patented VeriFood™ platform. This technology ensures absolute transparency from farm to fork, allowing farmers and ranchers to share their story with consumers.

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Cara Posey

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