Family of Inventors Creates Revolutionary Trash Cleanup Tool

STRATFORD, Conn., April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For one creative Connecticut family, taking out the trash has taken on a whole new meaning. Jim Fitzpatrick, the father and his two children, Chris and Ashley, are making their mark with a speedier way to change how we clean up the planet. First came their one of a kind invention, “The Trash Bagger,” which solves problems that happen because of manual labor. Previously, collecting stray pieces of paper and debris on the ground was labor intensive, difficult and prone to error. “The Trash Bagger” is a lightweight, hand-held device designed to improve the way litter is picked up by keeping the mouth of a trash bag open as each piece of trash is grabbed; allowing users to easily deposit all types of litter more efficiently under better sanitary conditions. Productivity is therefore increased.

“It all started in 1990 when my father had a conversation with a friend on how they both, independently, noticed workers struggling to pick up trash and debris on the highways, says Ashley. It wasn’t until 1992 that my father had drawings and a prototype made.” On February 7, 2010 the family was watching the first TV episode of “Undercover Boss.” The episode, starring Larry O’Donnell, the COO of Waste Management, was given the task to pick up papers that were blowing around on a landfill site. He was given a bag and picks to aid him. Ultimately, Mr. O’Donnell was fired from his job because he was unable to hold the bag open long enough to put the windblown litter into it. Mr. O’Donnell kept asking, “Is there a trick to keep the trash from blowing out of the bag?” The family coincidentally was all watching this TV show from different locations and called each other as they remembered the invention the dad came up with 18 years prior.

The very next day, Jim, Chris and Ashley started to work again to revive their invention. With constant work and tweaking of the product along with a patent attorney, they eventually received two patents, a trademark and copyright protection. “The Trash Grabber” was then brought to market in 2011 at the American Public Works Association conference in Denver, Colorado. Originally it was called The Garbo Grabber it then was re-named as “The Trash Bagger” in 2018 when Ashley took over this company.

After working closely with various nonprofit groups across the country, the family had a vision of a lifestyle brand that focused on community and the environment. Ashley owns and runs the company. Chris works hand-in-hand with Ashley in many capacities such as: manufacturing; research; marketing/advertising; product development; product sales and product distribution. Their father Jim is the consultant and inventor of the Trash Bagger.

The Trash Bagger Company is located in Stratford, Connecticut. The Trash Bagger is now a registered woman-owned small business (WOSB). The product Trash Bagger facilitates cleanup efforts worldwide.

Today their clients include: local; state and federal governments; private properties; facilities management companies; stadiums; roadways; amusement parks; campgrounds; non-profit agencies; schools; colleges and universities.

The company manufactures and supplies the most efficient and best quality clean up tools
while increasing better sanitary conditions for the worker who performs the task with the ultimate goal of a cleaner environment. It has been manufacturing and supplying products since 2011. They have sold and shipped their products all around the world to aid in cleanup efforts. 

As time passed, the family saw an opportunity to also create “The Clean Earth Project” that was born out of their everyday hard work from the “Trash Bagger.” The Clean Earth Project started 3 years ago as the family set out looking for inspiration and traveled across the country. They worked side-by-side many environmental organizations that shared the same vision and passion they had. They visited with towns and communities as they engaged with their volunteers, assisting them in their cleanup efforts. Their vast knowledge on how to pick up litter and debris properly is how The Clean Earth Project rose to the top as the premier environmental litter cleanup company. The Clean Earth Project is making a huge impact by raising awareness for litter issues with everyone’s help to create a cleaner, sustainable future.

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