Family of Three in Friendsville, Maryland, Receives New Water Well System Thanks to Water Well Trust and the Chris Long Foundation

FRIENDSVILLE, Md., Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Umbel family of Friendsville, Maryland, has received a new water well system that will provide dependable water access on their property, something the family has been living without for months after their water well pump failed.

Two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long and the Chris Long Foundation teamed up with the Water Well Trust to provide clean, safe drinking water to the family of three who are currently living with limited access to clean, potable water. The family’s well pump stopped functioning five months ago; since that time, the Umbels have been using a holding tank on a trailer that they take to their local fire department to fill to use for toilets and dishes. Roxanna Umbel runs an in-home daycare service as her sole source of income so having potable water onsite is critical for her home business.

Through the Hometown H20 program, the Umbels will receive a donated water well system for their home. This will include the pump system as well as equipment, well drilling and installation from Sperry Drilling Inc.

Launched in 2020, Hometown H2O is a program of the Chris Long Foundation’s Waterboys initiative. Hometown H2O partners with Xylem Watermark and Water Well Trust to address domestic water scarcity issues, which currently leave more than two million Americans without access to safe drinking water. Goulds Water Technology, a Xylem brand, donated the pump system for this project. The Vinyl Institute donated piping material and Talking Rain Beverage Company sponsored the project and donated AQA.

“These partnerships provide fantastic resources for meeting the needs of rural Americans without access to clean, safe water,” said Water Well Trust Executive Director Margaret Martens. “The Trust has a long waiting list of families who have been hanging on for years, hoping for this kind of help. For them, every day without water is a struggle. Hometown H2O helps us fulfill the promise of a better life for these American families much more quickly.”

The Water Well Trust maintains a wait list of American households requesting funding for the drilling of new wells or rehabilitation of non-functioning wells in high-need, low-resource rural areas. Prospective applicants can determine if they qualify and start the application process by completing a submission form on the Water Well Trust website.

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Margaret Martens, Executive Director
Water Well Trust


About Water Well Trust

The Water Well Trust (WWT) is a 501(c)3 organization created by the Water Systems Council to provide a clean water supply to American families living without access to a precious resource most of us take for granted.

We serve Americans living primarily in rural, unincorporated areas or minority communities that may be isolated and difficult to reach. We assist low–income families that cannot afford to pay for public water supplies, and those who live in areas where the extension of public water supplies to serve them doesn’t make economic sense…for them, for the public water supply owners, for federal, state or local funding sources.

About Waterboys

Founded in 2015 by two-time Super Bowl Champion Chris Long, Waterboys unites professional NFL and NBA athletes and fans from across the world in support of a single, shared cause: providing clean, accessible drinking water to 1 million people. By working together, players and fans can make a meaningful difference for communities in desperate need by funding sustainable clean water projects. These projects provide life-giving water and all that comes from it – including the opportunities for education, good health, and economic stability. Initially starting with projects in East Africa, Waterboys expanded its work in 2019 to also include U.S water projects. To date, Waterboys has raised over $5 million with the help of over 48 professional athletes, providing clean drinking water to more than 395,000 people as a result. To find out more, visit

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The mission of The Chris Long Foundation is to support bright futures for communities and the individuals that make up those communities. We believe borders do not limit caring about our fellow neighbors. We engage in both international and domestic programs focused around clean water, military appreciation, and educational equity. Our programs strive to generate impactful results by creating opportunities and providing resources, financial support and meaningful experiences to those we serve. Visit to find out more about the foundation’s work.

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