FarmSense Launches FlightSensor™, A Real-Time Pest Monitoring System for Commercial Farmers to Efficiently Manage Pests and Optimize Crop Yield

Award-Winning Agtech Startup Uses AI and Machine Learning Algorithms to Transform Pest Management and Create Tools that Support Improved, Sustainable Farming Methods.

RIVERSIDE, Calif., June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, agtech startup FarmSense announces a limited product launch of their award-winning and internationally acclaimed real-time pest monitoring and identification device, FlightSensor™. This initial launch, which will consist of approximately 1,000 FlightSensor™ units, will be distributed to select commercial pest advisors, farm managers and growers in California.

Originally launched as an incubator business at the University of California, Riverside, FarmSense’s FlightSensor™ utilizes patented technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-time analytics to improve insect monitoring and crop management efforts. FarmSense’s award-winning FlightSensor™ is a revolutionary step forward in pest management, saving growers not only time, labor, and money, but also reducing the need for pesticide use while improving crop yield.

"Our FlightSensor is transforming the agriculture industry and we are excited to see what it can do for Integrated Pest Management on a larger scale," said Dr. Leslie Hickle, co-founder and CEO. "With today’s growing concern with resource management and good farming practices, crop health and sustainability is critical. We enable scalable good farming practices and provide data that will result in better outcomes for farmers and their consumers."

Traditionally, most commercial farmers monitor for pests by using numerous sticky traps that require frequent manual counts, can be wildly inaccurate, and can delay data by up to two weeks. Additionally, these manual traps are labor and time intensive, fueling additional costs for growers. Considering that experts estimate pests to be responsible for up to 40% of global crop production loss each year, the commercial agriculture industry was in dire need of the accurate and autonomous solution to pest monitoring systems that FarmSense’s FlightSensor™ delivers.

Industry interest in FarmSense has grown at a rapid rate. Having won over $2 million in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding in 2021 for the development of biosecurity measures against native and invasive pests, FarmSense continues to garner the attention of investors within the agtech industry as they approach the closing of their first Series A funding round in 2022. 

FarmSense will demonstrate their platform at the 2022 TechCrunch Climate Conference (June 14-16th), where startups will converge to confront the climate crisis, discuss the new era of climate technology, and showcase their innovations. 

Growers and farmers who are interested in participating in the limited launch can apply for inclusion in the limited launch, which includes a FlightSensor and access to FarmSense’s online real-time monitoring platform.

To learn more about FarmSense and their FlightSensor technology, or to apply to participate in the initial launch, visit

About FarmSense: Founded in 2016, FarmSense helps farmers simplify pest management and take the guesswork out of insect monitoring. The company’s patented technology, using their FlightSensor™, provides real-time insect counts and classifications, giving immediate access for farmers to make mission-critical decisions on crop and pest control.

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