Female Founded Climate-Tech Company Wildgrid Launches Planning Tool to Provide Affordable Access to Home Electrification

The easiest way to see all your home’s potential cost-saving electrification upgrades, from solar panels to heat pumps, in one place.

NEW YORK, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, climate-tech company Wildgrid launches an online tool to demystify home electrification and empower women to lead climate action. Co-Founders, Krystal Persaud, Designer and Grouphug Solar founder, and Parinda Darden, Software Engineer, are on a mission to increase access, educate homeowners, and catalyze the transition away from fossil fuels.

Within minutes of using Wildgrid’s new planning tool, homeowners and renters can create a roadmap and budget for tackling various energy-saving projects (like solar, heat pumps, EVs) all in one place. Users are instantly shown personalized recommendations along with a detailed breakdown of rebates available.

“The idea of switching from gas to electric is complex enough, we use game design principles to make the experience playful and fun,” said Krystal Persaud, Co-Founder.

The Inflation Reduction Act is the largest clean energy investment America has ever made (source). “While the IRA was monumental news in the climate community, the average person doesn’t know what “electrification” means!” said Parinda Darden, Co-Founder. “Our planning tool includes TikTok-style videos breaking down key concepts. Increasing access to education is crucial in order to expand access to disadvantaged communities. It requires a level of privilege to have the free time and money to plan home electrification.”

Part of Wildgrid’s mission is empowering women to take climate action. Women statistically control their household’s budget and major decisions. “With the right tools, women can get home electrification done faster. As a new mom, that clicked for me. ” said Persaud. Wildgrid launched an online educational course called “Voltage Vixens” where cohorts are guided through electrification together.

For more information on Wildgrid and how you can begin your home electrification process, please visit www.wildgridhome.com and follow @wildgridhome on Instagram and Tiktok for tips and resources!

About Wildgrid:

We’re creating a ridiculously easy planning tool for homeowners to tackle electrification and reduce their fossil fuel consumption. First, a homeowner inputs information about their home. Then, based on their inputs, we instantly recommend energy-saving upgrades along with the relevant rebates and incentives that are available in their area. The tool also includes listings for prequalified contractors who specialize in switching from gas to electric appliances for hire. We reduce the upfront costs to going electric by matching users with the maximum incentives, rebates, and tax credits they qualify for. We strive to be the easiest way to see all your home’s potential electrification upgrades, from solar panels to heat pumps, in one place. Our tool is zero cost and has the potential to rapidly deploy 1 billion electrification upgrades nationwide.

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