Fight Climate Change, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, and Support Global Communities with Solaxy

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Solaxy Group, one of the leading developers of net-zero carbon projects, announced today the pre-launch of its innovative carbon credit marketplace, designed to help users fight climate change and reduce their carbon footprint. The Solaxy marketplace provides users with the tools to calculate and reduce their personal carbon footprints, access carbon-offset projects, and be awarded carbon credits as they are produced from the many projects that they are involved in.

“The devastating effects of climate change are a pressing concern for everyone, and it’s essential that we all take action to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Abbas Mashaollah, CEO of Solaxy Group Corporation. “With the Solaxy marketplace, we’re giving people the tools they need to make a difference and provide them a platform to purchase and invest in carbon credits that in turn support sustainable initiatives while reducing their carbon footprint.”

Solaxy’s Carbon Footprint Calculator

The Solaxy platform carbon footprint calculator is an all-inclusive tool that makes it easy to calculate the environmental impact of daily activities. The calculator takes into account everything from energy usage to transportation to food choices, providing a comprehensive picture of an individual’s or business carbon footprint.

Based on the results of the calculator, the app provides personalized recommendations for reducing emissions, offering practical tips and suggestions for reducing energy usage, switching to renewable energy sources, and reducing waste. The app also provides educational resources to help users learn more about reducing emissions and protecting the environment.

Total Carbon Credit Control

Solaxy platform users can earn carbon credits by reducing their carbon footprints and offsetting their unavoidable emissions. Users have full control over their carbon credits, and any excess carbon credits on the account can be redeemed with Solaxy partners or sold on the carbon credits market. Unlike other carbon credit programs that impose restrictions on credits, Solaxy gives users complete control over their carbon credits. With the price of carbon credits projected to rise significantly in the coming years, the Solaxy platform provides a unique opportunity for users to invest in carbon credits while supporting sustainable projects.

Customizable Impact Plans

Solaxy offers a range of customizable impact plans, allowing users to choose the level of impact they want to make. Whether users want to take small steps, make a moderate impact, or go all-out to reduce emissions, the app provides tailored recommendations for reducing their carbon footprint. With a range of educational resources, the Solaxy app helps users build new habits and make a lasting impact on the environment. Whether users are looking to reduce energy usage at home or make more sustainable choices in their daily lives, the app provides the tools and resources needed to make a difference.

By joining Solaxy, members will receive benefits aligned with the aims of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Solaxy marketplace provides a simple, effective way to make a measurable environmental difference while also saving money.

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About Solaxy Group Corp.

Solaxy Group is an innovator for net-zero carbon efforts. The company develops and manages a range of extensive emission reduction projects, including solar farms, wind farms, reforestation, afforestation, and more. Solaxy designs and operates platforms that bring public and private stakeholders together for shared solutions, with a focus on generating capital in the form of carbon credits and green energy.

Solaxy is dedicated to their mission of saving the planet, one carbon credit at a time. Learn more about Solaxy Marketplace and Join the waitlist @

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