Finc Announces Construction of Houston, Texas Edible Fungus Smart Factory

– The Company Aim for Full Production a Year After Construction Commences –

NEW YORK, July 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Singapore Finc and Huayuan Food Group are pleased to jointly announce the construction of the first U.S.-based edible fungus smart factory. Located in Houston, Texas, the joint venture will result in the daily production of 50 tons of American Enoki mushrooms to help ease the United States’ long-term dependence on mushroom imports as the demand for healthy edible fungi grows with healthier eating habits. The smart factory will leverage advanced technical operations for sustainable development of edible fungus, with operations focused on soilless, chemical-free, and environmentally-friendly practices.

Singapore Finc is a subsidiary of Shanghai Finc Biotechnology Co., LTD, and Huayuan Food Group is one of the largest Chinese brand operators in the U.S. Asian food market. The collaboration for the Houston-based smart factory demonstrates support of the surging mushroom industry and open attitude to expanding production internationally.  The factory is planning to be fully-operational one year after construction begins.

In addition to the smart factory, Finc will continue to expand its Freshmore brand’s growing influence and build a plan for brand globalization. Freshmore are high-quality mushrooms grown in China that have been exported to 57 countries, and considered to be China’s leading enterprise of edible fungi industrialization.

Edible fungi are the third type of organism, after plants and animals, that contain various nutrients that play a vital role in the human body. In recent years, biotechnology studies have shown that mushrooms have great potential to block bitterness, inhibit sugar absorption, and produce high-quality protein. Edible fungi emerged as a healthy food with high protein and low calories. Despite being one of the largest consumer markets in the world with a growing edible mushrooms trend, the U.S. lacks the production technology to grow edible fungi—hence the country’s reliance on mushroom imports which elevates the price. Finc’s new Houston smart factory will alleviate this issue for the U.S., bringing production to the country and lowering prices.

After 20 years of development, Finc is considered the pioneer of factory cultivation of the white jade mushroom and crab mushroom in China. The company has applied for more than 190 invention and utility model patents. The white jade mushroom and crab mushroom produced by Finc are among the best-selling fresh mushrooms in China, and its international brand Freshmore has been world-renown for more than 10 years. Finc plans to continue its global expansion by further deepening cooperation between enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions, and working together to support the world’s edible fungi industry.

About Finc:
Shanghai Finc Bio-tech Inc. (hereinafter referred as Finc) is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in fungus industry with full strain of R&D, Cultivation, Processing and Sales. It is now the largest cultivator of specialty mushroom in China, with currently production capability of 15, 000kg specialty mushrooms each day.

Press Contact:
Blair Bao