Garbage To Gold: Rubbish Doctor’s Story & Growing Team

PORTLAND, Maine, May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Rubbish Doctor, a junk removal business founded by Tom Hayes in Portland, Maine, is continuing their mission for sustainability with their growing team.

Rubbish Doctor has added new team members as a result of the rising demand for their services. The new hires bring a wide-range of experience and knowledge to the table, allowing Rubbish Doctor to provide their clients with even greater customer service and value.

Exciting expansion plans are in the works at Rubbish Doctor. The business has been successful in meeting the junk removal and demolition needs of Maine and the surrounding areas.

Rubbish Doctor has decided to accelerate efforts by opening a warehouse where we can sort and repurpose more items. The company plans to turn the warehouse into a cutting-edge facility so they can quickly sort and sustainably repurpose all sorts of materials.

The company is proud to share that they have collectively planted 445 trees in collaboration with the One Tree Planted Organization, which shows their continued commitment to having a positive environmental impact, and they hope that by taking this action, other companies will be motivated to follow in their footsteps.

Local digital newspaper, The Concord Sentinel, recently conducted an interview with Tom Hayes, Rubbish Doctor’s founder, where Hayes shared insights into the company’s inspirations and aspirations.

Hayes says, “We have a business model that puts the community and employees first, and profits follow when you do those two things first.”

In the interview, Hayes discussed his goals for the Rubbish Doctor’s future as well as the path that led to the creation of Rubbish Doctor. He added that the company’s motivation came from his appreciation of environmental sustainability and his desire to have a positive impact on the world. Additionally, Hayes talked about Rubbish Doctor’s future goals and how this is an exciting time for his company.

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