Gate 5 Energy Partners, Inc. Receives $1.6 Million from California Energy Commission to Finance a Demonstration of a Transformative Eco-Friendly Sewage Treatment Technology

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —  Gate 5 Energy Partners, Inc. (Gate 5) has been awarded a $1.6 million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to build and demonstrate an innovative wastewater treatment and resource recovery system (Gate 5 System) at the Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD), Chiquita Water Reclamation Facility (Chiquita WRF) in Orange County, California.  Gate 5 CEO Steve Delson notes, "We are grateful for the support of our innovative wastewater treatment and energy recovery process by the CEC."

The Gate 5 System is a three-step process that will screen and flash-dry organic waste into a biofuel, which is burned to create heat and electricity. This self-sustaining and energy-positive process transforms a variety of waste materials into 100% safe and usable products, while eliminating contaminants of concern that survive traditional wastewater treatment processes. The system will sit onsite so there is no need for hauling and land-spreading processed sludge.  Because it is a thermal process, no methane is produced in Gate 5’s system. It produces sustainable green electricity from unavoidable waste and offers Gate 5 customers a diversified revenue stream from sale of clean energy and clean ash. The company has utility patents in 8 countries for their proprietary resource recovery system. 

Deputy General Manager (SMWD), Don Bunts notes "The Gate 5 system has notable advantages over current processes because it can produce a net surplus of energy and has the potential to transform the Chiquita WRF into a net power exporter." In collaboration with SMWD, Stanford University’s Codiga Resource Recovery Center, and MicroMedia Filtration, Gate 5 has assembled a team of engineers, contractors and operators to design, build, and operate the demonstration plant at Chiquita WRF.

This 2021 CEC award comes on top of a 2020 American-Made Water Resource Recovery Prize from the U.S. Department of Energy that Stanford University received for their paper describing economic and environmental advantages of a process that includes the Gate 5 System over traditionally used processes. Dr. Sebastien Tilman, Executive Director of Stanford’s Codiga Center, says "We are excited to work with Gate 5, the CEC, and our other partners to demonstrate the transformative potential of these technologies."

MicroMedia Filtration’s President and Founder, Ken Stedman, points out that combining the Gate 5 System with MicroMedia Filtrations’ Title 22 approved water recovery process results in energy-positive resource recovery, economically taking the waste out of wastewater.

Gate 5 was founded in 2010 when Lisa Heinz, Richard Sherman, and Clifford S. Heinz were presented with the opportunity to acquire a newly developed process for improved management of sewage sludge. In 2011, Steve Delson and Lynn G. Holton were approached to evaluate the technology. The group formed the company, acquired the patent, and set forth a strategy to implement the technology through innovation. The company now operates out of the UCI Beall Applied Innovation Center.

Gate 5 is looking to complete its round of pre-demonstration funding and is offering attractive terms (including priority return of capital and options/warrants) for this round of investors.  For information contact Charlene Rainey, Director of Investor Relations.

Media Contact: Charlene (949) 497-6066