Get Ready for the Summer of Cool Sleep: ARDO Living Launches the Summer Cooling Weighted Blanket

The Summer Cooling Weighted Blanket was made from 100% sustainable bamboo rayon to help regulate body temperature and promote a better night’s sleep

SANTA MONICA, Calif. , June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — There may be a heat wave in summer 2022, but it doesn’t have to lead to overheating, tossing and turning throughout the night, and poor sleep quality. Temperature regulation plays an important role in sleep and overall well being, but it is often overlooked when considering sleep quality and its effect on physical and mental wellbeing. ARDO Living is on a mission to bridge the gap between comfort and quality with their Summer Cooling Weighted Blanket.

Weighted blankets have been championed by doctors and psychologists around the world for their ability to calm anxiety, simulate an embrace, and promote a better night’s sleep starting in the brain. Weighted blankets, however, are not all the same. The majority are made from cotton/polyester with microplastic filling. This makes it neither machine washable nor breathable – which is why ARDO set out to make a blanket that regulates body temperature.

With a fabric composition of 100% bamboo rayon, the ARDO Living Summer Cooling Weighted Blanket promotes better airflow by taking heat away from the body, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the night, and preventing overheating. The fabric is buttery soft, cool to the touch, and rivals the best spas for facilitating a deeply relaxed state to rejuvenate the body and mind.

"Weighted blankets have become popular home goods for health and wellness. One of the most common benefits of using a weighted blanket is that it induces deep, restful sleep through deep pressure stimulation. ARDO’s weighted blanket is manufactured from bamboo rayon, is cool to the touch, and breathable for summer use."

ARDO Living’s mission-driven vision came to fruition as a result of proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to providing rest amid the hot summer months.

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About ARDO Living

ARDO Living is a modern lifestyle brand providing purposefully crafted weighted blankets and home coats. Founded in 2021, ARDO Living harnesses the power of comfort to support customers all day and all night. Bridging the gap between comfort and quality within the industry, ARDO Living makes practicing self-care seamless, effortless, and natural; equipping their customers with the mindset and confidence to thrive in the modern world. ARDO Living manufacturers their products using sustainable bamboo rayon that is 98.9% biodegradable and meets the Ecocert Organic Standard. All products are delivered in a TÜV-CERTIFIED biodegradable garment bag and 100% recyclable paper box and tape.



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