Global Climate Expert Emphasizes Leading Role of Smart Cities in Fight Against Climate Change

CHENGDU, China, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As Meishan California Smart City (MCSC) prepares for its first occupants to arrive in October 2021, the impact of this new development is projected to reverberate far beyond its 900 acres, heralding the rise of the smart city as ground zero in the fight against climate change. With indisputable evidence of global warming and related disasters dominating world news, experts agree that intelligent, resilient cities must play an important role in creating solutions. From its strategic position in the heart of Sichuan Province, one of the world’s fast growing, environmentally progressive regions, MCSC is designed to become a model smart city showing what is possible when visionary leadership meets cutting-edge technology.

Jeff Schlegelmilch, Director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University’s Climate School, applauds the role of smart cities in addressing climate challenges. "Advances in renewable energy and energy storage are a game-changer in how we re-imagine our cities to be more green as well as more resilient in the face of disasters," he said. "Smart cities are at the forefront of integrating these innovations into our urban landscapes in a way that integrates our current infrastructure with the latest innovations, as well as future building for the next generation of ideas."

For smart cities, "connectivity" means digitalization and integration of key sectors. A strategic differentiator of MCSC, according to Jeffrey Chang, development chairman, is the commitment leaders have to collaboration, sharing experience globally. "The climate-action focused subnational relationship between Sichuan and California encouraged collaboration and inspired MCSC," said Chang. "Applying that collaborative spirit, analytics from MCSC will be disseminated to support smart growth in other cities worldwide."

The call for such collaboration is intensifying. The China Provinces – US States Green and Low-Carbon Cooperation program, held in Xiamen on September 8, 2021, brought China provincial and U.S. state government officials, and industry leaders together to encourage provincial-state cooperation to address climate change and strengthen economic development.

Trailblazing energy companies are being recruited to come to MCSC, which shares its namesake California’s western, geographic position and unrelenting culture of innovation. "The enormous challenges we face need new thinking and visionary leadership," said Chang. "MCSC promotes both, and from its inception, was planned to support changemakers in pursuit of global climate action."

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