Globtec Investment LLC to Invest Additional US $300 million in Turkey

Globtec Investment LLC will invest an additional $300 million in Turkey’s food industry to strengthen food tech and green tech in the country.

NEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A leading global investor in innovative infrastructure and green energy projects, Globtec has confirmed an additional multi-million-dollar investment in the Turkish food industry. Globtec has been active in Turkey since 2012, giving it a unique insight into the geopolitical and economic importance of the country.

The addition of $300 million to its investment program in the region is based on the Principles for Responsible Investment. The funds will be used to strengthen the new food tech and green tech industries in Turkey and to contribute to further CO2 reduction in the agricultural and food space.

With these funds, Globtec faces the consequences of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, notably the food security crisis and the related economic shock. It will also play a role in the global green transition to address food security, to take care of human health and the health of our planet.

Globtec CEO Murat Karabay said, “It would be a gross mistake to see a new era of self-sufficiency – and an end to globalization – as a result of the war in Ukraine. Many countries are not able to feed themselves. If you cut off international trade, developing countries would be hit the hardest, leading to unprecedented famine. The global trade in agricultural goods and food will continue. Our task as investors is to make sustainability and future-oriented technologies part of the production and supply chains.”

Globtec’s US $300 million investment will give preference to Turkish farms and manufacturers who have not previously played a role in the global market. This will give them the opportunity to expand their capacities and establish supply chains to the West and developing countries.

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About Globtec Investment Group

Globtec Investment LLC was founded in 2005, to enhance the investment service industry in Turkey and Middle East, by structuring and offering investment opportunities to the international market. Following rapid expansion and establishment as a United States-registered business, the company’s current focus is identifying investment opportunities in well positioned, innovative companies charting new courses in high performing industries, including Bio Technology and Green Energy.

Globtec benefits from a strong and experienced management team with a successful record for engaging the international investment community. It develops investor-centric solutions and high-profile projects that expand and mature regional capital markets.

Globtec is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has offices in New York, Turkey, Germany, Swiss and Hungary. The company has additional resources, partnerships, and investors around the world.

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