Goldenberry Farms Opens USA Market With Initial Shipments to Miami and Los Angeles

MIAMI, Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Goldenberry Farms™ has begun exporting its Premium brand of Goldenberries to the US market, in conjunction with a strategic 18 month launch plan and multi-faceted "Mother Nature’s Candy" marketing campaign, which likens the vibrant taste of the tropical superfruit to popular candy, such as Sweetarts®, or Sour Patch Kids®.

Goldenberry Farms™, known for its "Where Good Things Grow" approach to sustainable farming, focuses on the development of exotic, "better for you" tropical fruit and produce, and is involved in all levels of the fruit development.   

Superfoods and exotics are seeing double digit growth, and a widening consumer demand penetrating into smaller markets, where exotic fruit may have previously only been available seasonally. 

The company has a planned strategic approach to growing the market, to position the fruit alongside other exotics such as Kiwis, Mangos, and Avocados which have now become mainstream parts of the American diet. 

"As both an exporter and importer, Goldenberry Farms has the ability to reduce costs and offer the fruit to the end clients at prices more attractive to sampling," commented Santiago Cordoba, Operations Director for the brand.  

"We have seen a sharp uptick in consumer demand overall in healthier-for-you fruit options.  Goldenberries, because of their golden color and tropical tart flavor profile pair incredibly well with blueberries and raspberries, to name a few.  Apart from other berries, Goldenberries actually have a significantly higher content of vitamins and minerals, making them one of the healthier category choices.

We are hoping to see goldenberries used in deserts, juices, smoothies, and salads – and of course as a grab and go option."

Post-pandemic, consumers are shopping for food which is healthier, and also food which is affordable.  The company hopes to work directly with retailers to offer the fruit with an attractive MSRP. Goldenberry Farms™ US consumers with "Mother Nature’s Sweet-Tart" campaign, highlighting the unique flavor profile of this fruit

Although relatively new to the commercial fruit market, Goldenberries have a history dating back to ancient times.  The fruit has been touted for it’s impressive anti-oxidant levels and nutritional content, and is making a resurgence as consumers increase their preference for healthier and foods with potential immune-boosting properties.  The tart and tropical flavor profile pairs easily with other foods to create a variety of award-winning and innovative recipes, or can be enjoyed as a snack right from the shelf!

One handful of Goldenberries contains Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Vitamins A, B, and C, as well as an impressive ORAC (antioxidant) score, higher than "superfruit" Goji Berries and. Nearly double the antioxidants of Green Tea.

ABOUT Goldenberry Farms™
Goldenberry Farms™ is a grower, packer, and exporter of high-quality fruit.  The company, and its "Where Good Things Grow" foundation, focus on sustainable farming and transparency at all levels of the supply chain. 

The company maintains Global GAP and Global GRASP certifications and uses technology to help minimize environmental footprints. 

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