Green Canopy, Grocapitus, and ROC Modular Partner to Build Seattle’s First Modular Townhouse Project with Mass Timber

SEATTLE, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Green Canopy, Grocapitus, and ROC Modular have partnered to build Seattle’s first modular townhouse residential project made from mass timber. Located in North Beacon Hill, just minutes from downtown Seattle, this innovative seven-unit urban infill project will be constructed with large scale prefabricated cross laminated timber (CLT) panels.

CLT is made from wood that has been stacked and glued together with a structural adhesive, giving the panels the strength and performance similar to that of concrete and steel, but with a much lower carbon footprint. CLT is quickly gaining popularity as an attractive building material for developers due to the ease and speed of installation and its low carbon footprint.

Typically reserved for larger apartment or commercial buildings, the Seattle project will be the first CLT modular townhome project in the region. ROC Modular will pre-manufacture modular units and deliver them to site for efficient and quick onsite assembly. This method of building streamlines the on-site construction process, minimizes interruptions to neighbors and the community, and produces minimal waste.

“These townhomes have the potential to spark a revolution in the construction industry,” said Neal Bawa, founder and CEO of Grocapitus Investments. “While we see the pace of technology disruption accelerating every day, we aren’t seeing the same movement in construction. With housing demand increasing, CLT and modular homes are a solution to building faster, scalable, and more affordable homes.”

Homes built with CLT are seismically sound, well-sealed and insulated, resulting in lower utility and maintenance costs for homeowners. The homes feature real wood walls, floors, and ceilings, which offer residents a connection with the natural environment alongside health and wellness benefits.

“For us, this project is about innovating so that we can create places for people to thrive. We are passionate about building homes that are greener, safer and beautiful,” said Tony Isaac, CEO of ROC Modular.

The partnership between Green Canopy, ROC Modular, and Grocapitus will allow for greater impact as the townhome and infill market has not previously been served by mass timber nor modular building. “Strong collaboration is required to be able to deliver this project on site,” said Joe Kiss, President at ROC Modular. “We look forward to our partnership with Green Canopy to bring these sustainable modular homes to the Seattle market,” he further stated.

Green Canopy is known for building sustainable homes ranging from single-family homes to multi-unit projects. Its proprietary project development platform allows for unparalleled cost control and project management. Green Canopy is the design and general contracting team ensuring the product’s execution on-site. “It’s exciting to work in tandem with this partnership to maximize our overall impact,” said Aaron Fairchild, CEO of Green Canopy, “The intention of Green Canopy since inception has been to scale our impact to deliver sustainable, healthy, more accessible homes.”

About Green Canopy: Green Canopy is an award-winning urban infill developer and homebuilder specializing in high performing, deep green, all-electric healthy homes. Their mission is to build relationships, businesses, and homes that help regenerate communities and environments. The team at Green Canopy offers development and general contracting services for developers and investment property owners. As a fund manager, Green Canopy also manages real estate investment vehicles for its limited partners.

About ROC Modular: Based in Calgary, AB ROC Modular is an agile manufacturer delivering Real Offsite Construction solutions. With a combined team experience of over 5,000 modules completed in a broad range of markets, the Company has a proven track record of project execution and delivery. With a primary focus on social & affordable, hospitality, multi-family, education and industrial markets, ROC operates with a distinct social orientation, giving back to the communities it serves, with a relentless focus on “creating spaces for people to thrive.”

About Grocapitus: Grocapitus Investments is a real estate investment firm that exists to find and present rock solid commercial real estate investments for their highly valued capital partners. Grocapitus executes their proprietary data-driven process for identifying, acquiring, managing, stabilizing, optimizing and divesting cash-flowing value-add Class B and C properties.

For more information, please contact:
Susan Fairchild, Green Canopy Director of Impact and Investor Relations

Justin Hooks, VP Construction

SOURCE Green Canopy

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