Green Science Alliance Developed 100 % Nature Based Color Ink, Paint Without any Petroleum Based Materials

KAWANISHI-CITY, Japan, July 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Green Science Alliance has been trying to replace all the petrochemical derived products with nature biomass derived chemical products. So far, they have developed 100 % nature biomass biodegradable plastic, resin, and coating. This time, Dr. Umemoto and Dr. Ryohei Mori had developed 100 % nature-based color ink, paint without using any petroleum derived materials.  

Environmental problems caused by population explosion such as global warming, extreme weather, natural resource depletion, water shortage and plastic pollution are getting severe in the world. The microplastic problem in the marine environment is becoming a devastating issue.

Human beings have been producing and consuming petroleum derived chemical products for over century.  Because of this, the amount of CO2, which is regarded as one of main causes for global warming, is increasing every year. Utilizing natural biomass chemical products is one of the effective ways in order to not increase CO2 any longer, as they can be carbon neutral. The obvious example of petroleum derived chemical products is plastics, and they are the cause of microplastic problems especially in the marine environment. Besides plastics, products such as resin, coatings, color paint, glue and adhesive are major petroleum derived products and including plastic, they occupy over 80 % of petroleum derived chemical products. 

In this regard, Green Science Alliance had been developing 100% natural biomass biodegradable plastic, resin, and coating. And this time, they had created 100 % nature-based color ink, paint without using any petroleum derived materials.  

Developed color ink, paint can be used by normal spraying or by painting brush. More precisely, inorganic pigment is utilized as color and depending on the color, it cannot be completely expressed as they are of 100% natural biomass origin. But it is not wrong to say that developed color ink, paint, do not contain any of petroleum origin materials. 

For example, the package made of biodegradable plastics are biodegradable. But if they are painted and designed with color ink, the plastic bags do not biodegrade because the surface is covered with petroleum derived color ink.  

If those color inks are also natural biomass origin and biodegradable, whole products can be natural biomass origin and biodegradable, and they can be very environmentally friendly products. For example, Green Science Alliance had made spoon samples which are made of 100% natural biomass biodegradable plastic inside, and 100% natural biomass biodegradable color ink on the surface. 

There are some bioplastic companies in the world already. Even they can make 100% biomass plastic resin pellet as raw material, not many companies can make 100% biomass biodegradable molding products without any petroleum based additive, as Green Science Alliance can do. On top of that, Green Science Alliance is the only company in the world who is making not only 100% biomass biodegradable plastic, but also other chemical products with 100% biomass biodegradable composition, without any petroleum based materials. Green Science Alliance already succeeded in developing nature biomass biodegradable plastic, resin, coating, glue and adhesives. And this time, color ink, paint. They will soon will be successful in creating 100 % nature biomass plasticizer and lubricant as well.

Some of Green Science Alliance technologies are registered by the United Nation Organization (UNIDO’s platform "STePP", WIPO GREEN) and they were also selected as finalists on the startup incubation programme of UNOPS GIC Japan in 2020.

Green Science Alliance will challenge to replace all the petroleum based chemical products on earth, with 100 % nature biomass based chemical products.

Ryohei Mori

SOURCE Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd.